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Using Leopard, I burn a playlist in iTunes to CD. CD finishes and song tracks are visible, but CDs won't play either in CD player or computer. Why? This just started a few weeks ago. Have burned successfully many times before. Have "Audio CD" selected in preferences, etc. Can anyone help? Thanks a million.

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    Same here.
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    Are you using the same type of CD that you used to use? If so, do you have an iMac, MacBook Pro, or a MacBook?
    I've heard that people are having trouble burning any CDs on laptops, but you were burning CD's just fine, before...
    Also, I sometimes burn CDs from my iMac, and they don't play sometimes. When that happens, I just eject the disc and try again. I have to be patient, but it usually works eventually. I'm not sure why it does this, though.

    Hope I helped!

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    I'm having the same trouble. Used to burn just fine until a little while ago. Now, it just hangs up iTunes in an eternal burn cycle. I try to force quit again & again & again but iTunes just sits there, with the blank disc whirring and spinning inside my machine. Cannot force quit so I have to restart just to quit iTunes. When the CD shows up on desktop (and in iTunes) after restart it looks like a normal, properly burned CD, complete with song titles. But when I play it, it's just erratic digital noise.
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    I am having a similar problem. After installing Leopard, itunes would take time to "prepare the disk" before burning audio cds. This doubled my burn time! After installing the update this week, it only burns the first 8 seconds of each audio track! I called Apple Support, and after an hour on hold, I was told I have to re-install Leopard. There must be another way!!! It's got to be a problem with the OS b/c I am using the same type of CDs as before and had no problem with Tiger.
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    Experienced same problem after upgrade to Leopard. A couple of total hangups(thought I was back using a PC). Burning process never seemed to finished although audio files appeared on the disk but wouldn't play.
    Tried to create AIFF files and burn using FInder, same problem, hang up, wouldn't play etc.
    Finally was successful when I reduced burn rate to 4X, also worked with a CD-RW (rated at 4X).

    Appears to be a Leopard problem, not just with iTunes.
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    I'm having the same problem, BUT I haven't upgraded to Leopard. I'm running 10.4.11. Could be that this is an iTunes issue and not and OS issue.
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    simular problem: burned cd; music; set preference to music. max speed. won't play in car or stereo system. will play on the computer only.
    i used cd rw. 19 songs burned. took 20 minutes. Won't play in car. Frustrated.
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    and most machines cant handle information at x52 even though a drive can
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    I just burned my friend a CD the other night and it burned really fast not the normal process. I guess half of the cd worked and the other half did not? Weird...