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I am beyond ****** off at the moment. My iTunes was working perfectly until two weeks ago, and now it insists my Network Connection Timed Out when I try to access the store or update podcasts.

It can't be my internet connection, because as you can see, I'm able to access the internet. For some reason it's this specific copy of iTunes (7.5), because the iT7 downstairs works perfectly. Of course, since Apple are so fecking stingy, I can't add a few files from there without wiping everything off my iPod.

So here's the run-down:

I'm using a Dell Inspiron 8600, Windows XP, browsing with Firefox and attempting to load the latest podcasts onto my iPod Shuffle. I don't give a toss about downloading songs, I just want to update my podcasts without having to search the net for the source file.

I ran the Network Diagnostics and it insists the Conneciton to iTunes failed, suggesting I adjust my cable (i don't have one - it's wireless) or flush my dns settings (which i've done several times).

I found a thread on these forums from March and tried every solution:

- uninstalling and reinstalling itunes... doesn't work.
- opening Internet Explorer 7, then opening iTunes... doesn't work.
- searching for a host file and removing the phobos apple line... doesn't work. The phobos line wasn't there
- using itunes 7... doesn't work.
- flushing my dns... doesn't work.
- turning off my firewall.... doesn't work.
- avoiding clashes with mcafee or zone alarm... doesn't work, cos i don't use those

I think it's appalling that I've tried all this, and i'm still no closer to knowing what the problem is, and that Apple failed to respond to any of the other people's problems in the earlier thread. And that i spent about ten minutes signing up to this fecking forum just to ask for help. Surely support should be readily available to anyone!

Can anybody help me? In the other thread, people found alternative sites for buying music, but has anyone got an alternative, ipod-compatible podcasting program?

Dell Inspiron 8600, Windows XP, My iTunes is screwed
  • blackfootviking Level 1 Level 1
    I just started experiencing the same problems and it was before I downloaded the IT7 version. I did change to another internet provider but that did not generate the problems because I was able to connect to after changing to the new ISP. I can't even begin to do what you have already done so I feel totally at a loss. Thanks for putting out the question. Apple are you there?
  • blackfootviking Level 1 Level 1
    Okay, here's what I did and it worked!! I had my computer on line (I too have a wireless router) I turned off my router completely then turned it back on. My computer lost it's connection so just to really start over I "restarted" my computer... let it reboot and start clean and then opened ITunes, clicked on Itunes Store and WOW... there it was. Hmmmm, don't understand but it worked. Let me know how it goes. Could it really be that complex and simple?
  • inky fingers Level 1 Level 1
    I have tried every one of the so called fixes and no fix yet. This started happening with 7.3 but then it would work on occasion, so now that I've updated to 7.5 it doesn't work at all. Lovely to know that upgrading will totally rob you of your purchased music. If apple would have told you at the time of the purchase that the reason it was .99 cents per song was because apple might take it away from you at any time without cause, notice or reason, so live with it or go away, I wouldn't have wasted my money there. At this time, it has been just easier to replace with Windows Media player. What a waste.
  • BatchGC Level 1 Level 1
    Cheers. I'll try this after i've finished manually downloading the week's podcasts.
  • BatchGC Level 1 Level 1
    Nope, that didn't work either. It's OFF - Oh-Ficially ******!
  • jaimsitecom Level 1 Level 1
    i've been having this problem (can't connect to itunes store..) for a couple of days now, is there a problem in itunes or is it isp related? i reside in the philippines and at first i thought it's because of that. but with all these posts regarding this problem, it shows it's an itunes error for some countries.

    anybody know?
  • crandolph Level 1 Level 1
    I've had this error for the last 4-6 hourson a WinXP SP2 system aiming to activate my brand new iPhone to no avail!!! I finally got iTunes installed after days of problems with the software installation. I thought I was well on my way to using the iPhone and signing up for my 2 year contract with AT&T [ ] when this connection timeout error occured.

    First off, this is a very poorly written error message. Apple should be embarrassed by it. Here it is, word for word:

    *iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store.*
    The network connection timed out.

    Make sure your network settings are correct and
    your network connection is active, then try again.

    The message does not say which network connection timed out, when it did or why it did. It does not indicate which network settings to "correct". I did check all my network connections and all my network settings to ensure they were "correct".

    I haven't had any other network connection or setting issue at all with any other application for months and months. My network connection is, was, and has been "active" and I keep "try"ing "again". This appears to be an iTunes 7.5 problem.

    Would an Apple representative please reply with a fix? I want to activate my iPhone!!!!

    Thank you in advance.
  • Greg 13 Level 1 Level 1
    I have exactly the same problem which started 10 days ago when I upgraded to the latest 7.5 version.
    From that moment I couldn't connect to the store neither download any podcast...
    I tried everything explained in the support files but nothing helps !
    At least I am hapy to notice by reading all these comments that I am not the only one and that the problem seems to come from Apple.
    I am just wondering why nobody is answering and giving some advice of what can be done ?
    Hope we will soon get some information.
  • Neil Cook Level 1 Level 1
    I have this same problem. Here's what I can add to this discussion - iTunes accessed the iTunes store a day or two ago. I have a home network and can access the internet from all of the networked PCs. I can access the iTunes store from all of the networked PCs using Internet Explorer. I can access the iTunes store from my laptop iTunes. I can not access the iTunes store from my workstation PC. I get the same "network connection timed out" message. I downloaded and installed a new (same version) of iTunes on the workstation PC. both the laptop and the workstation are running the same OS (Windows XP SP2), both are Dell computers, both are accessing the internet via a wired connection to the same switch and the same router. All other internet connections work fine.

    What's different? In the last couple of days my Workstation lost access to a network printer. I worked with HP for over an hour to re-establish network connection to that printer with no success. I have access to the same networked printer from my laptop.

    The IP address for the network printer is identical to what it was when it was installed - HP suggests looking for a change to the IP address. I made no changes to the workstation PC, the home network or the router, ISP, or internet connection.

    But, it seems to me that the loss of access to the HP networked printer and the inability of iTunes to access the iTunes store are related.

    I also called Apple and attempted to get technical support. I own 4 iPods with 104 Gbs of storage on them, I own 1900 CDs and iTunes has 36.5 days of music loaded into it.

    I purchased Apple Care on all of the iPods - it's expired and they never warned me. They want to charge me $29 to fix this problem - even though I no longer can purchase music via the iTunes Store, so I need to pay $29 in order to gain access to the iTunes store to spend more money with Apple?! Not a smart business decision. I own a few other PC based music programs and more than willing to transfer all of it out of iTunes and into one of the other products. I'll sell all the iPods on eBay and purchase other MP3 players if I must.

    But, I suspect the problem is (1) Apple doesn't have a documented answer to this problem, (2) the level 1 techs that answer the support phone are clueless - they just e-mailed me the same article from the Apple website that I told them I read and does not apply to my problem, and obviously does not resolve my problem. (3) Apple is not setup to resolve this type of problem with their level 1 support, and they can't escalate the problem without charging us.

    I'll try again on Monday, may even purchase Apple Care first and then use that. The Apple Care Tech Support is typically better than the free level 1 call in support.

    Suggestions, comments, etc. are all appreciated.

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  • crandolph Level 1 Level 1

    I tried turning the router(s) on and off; waiting; and rebooting... so many things.
    iTunes has full access in my security settings too. None of this helps resolve the issue. See my post from 11/23 for details. Will Apple please expedite this issue to the Windows Networking team and/or iTunes Development teams that participated in making the iTunes 7.5 software and provide some very clear, step-by-step guidance for us iPhone users so that we can buy songs and activate our iPhones. This is a really bothersome issue!!!
  • Steve Edwards Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem. It happened last year & lasted for weeks. It turned out to be a problem between iTunes & Tiscali. Are any of you with Tiscali?
    It's VERY frustrating.
  • bast_imret Level 1 Level 1
    same problem here. I can browse anything that's in the main iTunes Store window, such as the new releases and such, and can play the samples, but the second I try to search for something, subscribe to a podcast, or purchase a song, I get the Network Timeout issue. Come on Apple, I finally got a Classic that is working right, and now I can't download any music?
  • RK5 Level 1 Level 1
    Try accessing your account from the apple store online. Verify all the information. I had a phone number that was messed up. Make sure credit card information is all correct, etc. Once I fixed that, everything worked fine.
  • Steve Edwards Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem. It happened last year & lasted for weeks. It turned out to be a problem between iTunes & Tiscali. Are any of you with Tiscali?
    It's VERY frustrating.
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