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I've had an on going problem with my photo's app on my iPhone syncing to iPhoto. At this point the photo app does not even work. I will tap the photo icon and the app starts to run and then crashes. I've tried to restore the phone, but I'm convinced the restore image has some sort of corrupted information in it related to photo's.

I've got all my contacts, songs, etc. backed up on my MBP. But before I try to restore as new phone, I want to make sure I'm not going to screw up the phone completely or have the re-activation process think it's a completely new phone. Anyone done a complete iPhone restore as a new phone? Or any way to restore the iPhone without it immediately try to pull the last sync image?

I'm current on my updates for iPhoto, iTunes, and Leopard. Thanks!

15" MBP/2GB Ram/160 GB HD, Mac OS X (10.5.1), 8GB iPhone & 80GB iPod
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    When you do a restore and set up as a new phone it will not renew your contract with AT&T, and as long as all your contacts, calendars, music, and photos came from your computer and still on your computer it will sync everything back, it will just take a little longer during the sync process.
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    I had sort of the same question (restore as new phone or not) and here is what I found.

    If I used the 'use this backup' option while it did wipe out my songs/pics etc, it still left some things such as the weather spots I set and my email account. When I did a restore and used 'set up as new phone' EVERYTHING got deleted - so as if out of the box.

    Not sure if the 'use this backup' only restored some things because that is how it is designed or because it was a 'point in time' and those items I mentioned had been saved in the backup? Anyway all I know is by doing 'new phone' it resets EVERYTHING to blank lol.
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    Great. I'll give it a try when I get home tonight. Thanks!
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    Got it to work. Thanks.