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Hey, I got this mac in september, and when i work something that really seems to bug me is that the screen some times goes darker then brighter for what seemed for the longest time at random, recently i figured out that it dims when i touch specific buttons (not the f1 or f2 button) im talking about delete and a couple of the number buttons. Im not sure if this is supposed to happen or not but i cant seem to figure out a way to get it to stop, and it really is quite annoying when i'm trying to do work to have the screen just randomly dim then nice and bright again. I was wondering if anyone had a fix for this.

MBP 3,1, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I had the same issues when I bought my macbook pro a few weeks ago.
    Its a feature built in that dim and brightens the screen with an ambient light sensor.
    The sensor is underneath the speakers so when your hand goes over and effects the lighting your screen will dim/lighten.
    To turn this off go to System Preferences > Displays
    then at the bottom it will say Automatically adjust brightness as ambient light changes, uncheck that.