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I'm thinking about getting an RCA mp3 player (8GB for $90), instead of an ipod because it is much cheaper. I was wondering if I would be able to transfer my songs from itunes on to it, or do they program it where you can only use an ipod?

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    It depends what you mean by "transfer my songs from itunes onto it."

    If you mean use the iTunes program to load it the way you would use iTunes to load an iPod, then no.

    If you mean take the same songs that you play in iTunes and play them in the RCA, the answer is yes if they are MP3s. The answer is no if they are DRM-protected files that you bought from the iTunes Music Store.
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    How would I get my songs that I bought from Itunes onto the RCA player? Almost all of my songs are from the itunes store, so how could I get them onto the RCA player is what I was asking.
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    +Almost all of my songs are from the itunes store...+

    In your iTunes library look at the "Kind" column. (If it is not visible, go into View > Options and check "Kind.")

    If the Kind column does not have the word "Protected" in it, then you can convert to MP3 by using the instructions in the iTunes Help article "Saving a copy of a song in a new file format."

    If you see the word Protected, they are unusable in any non-Apple player. All you can do with them is use iTunes to burn them to an audio CD, which you can then use like any audio CD.

    Devices known as "MP3 players" play files in MP3 format. The iTunes Store does not sell MP3s. If you plan to use both Apple and non-Apple devices, do your shopping at online stores that sell MP3s, such as audiolunchbox.com or amazon.com. MP3 files are compatible with iPods as well as non-Apple MP3 players.