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Is anyone having any success printing with Leopard using an HP Laserjet 2100M? I have a line on one, but I want to make sure the LJ 2100 will work with leopard before I buy it. Have searched the forums, but I only find two conflicting reports -- one person got theirs to print with no problem, the other didn't. I'm looking to replace my HP Deskjet 895Cse which won't print with Leopard drivers. It was never such a great printer anyway, and I'd wanted to eventually replace it with a laser printer. Though it's a shame to be forced to trash it. Ultimately I want to be able to network with my iMac and a Windows computer.

If you CAN print using your HP Laserjet 2100M with the Leopard platform, can you please describe any workarounds you've successfully used, or describe whatever setup is working for you? Ditto networking?

Thanks in advance -- Pygmygod

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.1), 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
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    Yes, I can print with Leopard using an HP Laserjet 2100M BUT the printer has to be switched on before booting the Mac. When the Mac wakes from sleep the connection is lost until I reboot. However the problem extends to other - but not all - USB peripherals.
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    Thanks very much for describing your workaround. I'm becoming more hopeful that I can get an HP 2100M to work w/ my computer.

    Have you tried networking with the 2100M & leopard?

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    No, but I'm shortly exchanging an ancient Powerbook for a new MacBook so will try then.
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    Wow! Sounds like a great exchange! ;~)

    Keep me posted and I'll do likewise. I may have an opportunity in the next few days to try networking w/ a friend's computer & his HP 2100M printer. We tried it last week but didn't try turning printer on first & then rebooting.

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    Do not install drivers from the included disk.

    Mac OS X 10.5: Included printer drivers

    If the included drivers do not work then download the newest version from the hp site.
    It appears HP provided apple with drivers for that printer and there is also a gutenprint driver included.
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    I looked up the hp 895Cse and see it is on the list of supported printers for Leopard.
    Turn on the printer and make sure it is connected.
    You should be able to go to the print and fax system preference and delete then re-add the printer.

    If you can't get it to print, try downloading, installing and running the software for that printer from the HP site, then restart the computer, and try to add again.

    If it is not working, call Apple, if you have a computer with Leopard installed it is either new enough that you should still have support or you have upgraded to Leopard and it comes with 90 days of support.
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    I just bought an HP Laserjet 2100M, and am using the driver for 10.4 (Tiger). It prints no problem. I had an opportunity to try this printer out before buying it. My friend and I actually replaced the Laserjet folder that leopard put on my HD w/ the 10.4 Laserjet folder from my friend's computer running on OS 10.4.

    iMac007 -- for my headaches w/ the 895Cse, see my posting and others in the thread started by the HP/Leopard designer. It's a very informative thread because the HP guy really explains the problem in detail and offers many possible workarounds for specific printers.


    You see, at the date of release for OS 10.5, HP didn't actually create an update for the drivers to go specifically w/ Leopard. So many people, like yours truly, have been unable to use their old printers. HP now has a short list of C series beta drivers specifically designed for 10.5, but the 895Cse isn't among the lucky printers.

    However, I am delighted I can get the HP Laserjet 2100M to print, Tiger driver or no.

    Kallimachos -- I didn't need your workaround after all, but thanks for offering it. Didn't have to reboot before printing. My friend and I were able to put the computer to sleep and then print, and even turn printer on & print w/out turning on computer first. Next will try setting it up to network. Will keep you posted if I find out anything helpful.