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Paul Hauffe Level 1 Level 1
When I plug my ipod (ipod video 30G) into my mac, it shows up in the computer and in iTunes. When I unplug my ipod and try to listen to music, there is no music on the ipod, but it still has my pictures and contacts and such. My music, videos, etc. shows up in iTunes, and will play, but not anywhere else. I downloaded the iPodRip application to move music from my ipod to the computer (because we have a few, and im working on one that isnt synced to my ipod) but my music doesnt show up in the application either. Basically, the only place my music shows up is in itunes (and i can play it, so i know its coming from the ipod) but not anywhere else. right now im not able to sync my ipod to the computer its already synced with, but i want my music and photos, yet im not able to transfer the music to my computer. any ideas? Thank you!!

Ipod Video 30 G
  • Kurohi Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same problem after updating to the new software version on my iPod. I can access the info about the actual system on the iPod, and it shows that half the disk space is filled so the music is still there. Like you, I cannot play it anywhere save iTunes. We do not seem to be the only ones either, I did a search and found other posts about this issue. I would like answers as well. So the question falls to Apple, is this a problem with new update(s)?
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    i've had this problem the second time now. the last time, i had to copy all my music to my comp, restore the ipod and put all the music back. i dont want to do it this time. there is about 50 gigs of **** in there. dunno whats goin wrong, but something is seriously wrong. Any suggestions Apple?
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    I did that too, but then when I tried to put more music on, it went belly up again, says there's stuff there but nothing shows on the iPod only in iTunes. I was up half the dang night trying to get it to work, and it's not just PC users, it's Mac users too, otherwise I'd happily blame Windows. This sees to be some software conflict with the Apple updates maybe?
  • Paul Hauffe Level 1 Level 1
    thank you.
    its good to know others are having the same problem, and even though the problem isnt good, it tells me that its not just my ipod and i dont have to spend money on a new one!
    i was able to connect my ipod back to the computer it was synced with, and it seems to work fine now. thanks again!
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    Hi, I've been having the same problem. I have an iPod classic. I recently used it as a mass storage device to transfer music from my iTunes library on a different computer to the iTunes library on my current computer. When I synced my iPod to my current computer, it did copy every file to it. But once I disconnected the iPod, nothing would appear on it. So I reconnected it, and it still said all the music was on it, even after it went through the syncing process. No music would appear on the actual iPod. I tried the "5 R" solutions, and the step that successfully worked was restoring my iPod. Only then (some 2500 songs later), everything copied to the iPod and appeared on it. But, lo and behold, I reconnected the iPod a few days later to put a couple more songs on and the same glitch occured again. Still, iTunes said the songs were on the iPod, but did not appear on the actual iPod. Photos and contacts still appear. I have the latest version of iTunes installed, as well as the most recent software update for the iPod. I really hope I do not have to restore my iPod every time I want to put a few more songs on it, any help Apple?

    P.S. There is one loop hole: When I select certain playlists to be copied instead of the "All Songs and Playlists" option, the songs in those playlists do appear on the iPod, but all other songs vanish; then even iTunes says they aren't on the iPod.