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Does anyone know if the iPhone's bluetooth connection will work with a 2007 Toyota Prius? I haven't purchased the iPhone yet and the hands free connecton is an important factor to me.


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  • Sean Frazier Level 2 Level 2 (205 points)
    I have mine connected to a 2005 Toyota Prius. No reason to think it wouldn't work with the newer car.

    hope this helps.

  • AndyO Level 6 Level 6 (17,050 points)
    Pairs perfectly with the BT in my 2007 for calls, but not for transfer of phone book entries. Those will either have to be moved using a different phone or entered into the Prius phone book manually. Call quality however is exceptionally good via the handsfree system, and calls already underway when the Prius is powered up seamlessly transfer to the handsfree once BT pairing reports success - usually about 3-5 seconds from power-up.

    ON EDIT: no NAV system in my Prius, but I also rested it with an 07 package 6 (with NAV) and it paired and functioned the same.
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    Really, thanks. I just checked with Toyota and they said no, but I'm getting conflicitng information. Is yours connected through the Nav system?
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    Terrific. Thanks. I'm not sure why Toyota doesn't know that.
  • AndyO Level 6 Level 6 (17,050 points)
    I suspect because they sell Prius models without having to do much work, including learning stuff!
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    Thanks! That was nice of you. That answers my quesiton.
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    The iPhone works fine on my 2007 Prius. Only thing, unlike the Nokia, the voicemail won't play through the bluetooth. Have to listen to voicemail through the phone.
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    I have a Prius 2007 Touring edition. iPhone works perfect (no contacts sync as explained by others). I have Navigation system on my Prius. No issues with iPhone.
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    I have a 2008 Touring - same deal - great BT connection to hands free, no contacts sync. Does anyone know what the problem is? I'm sure once the SDK comes out an entrepreneur could solve this & save us all from the workarounds.. Also, anyone understand the problem not being able to channel voicemail through the hands free? Thanks!
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    My mom purchased a 2008 Prius Package 5 the other day and I have an iPhone and am trying to convince her to jump aboard the Apple train. Anyways, I saw all these posts and thought, I wonder if anyone has called Apple support about these issues. So, I did and found out that yes, the bluetooth will hook up with your iPhone so you can make phone calls through the sound system. Unfortunately, I was informed that you cannot transfer the contact files from iPhone to the Navigation System's contact book. I also asked if this is something that could be fixed in future firmware's for the current iPhone, again No. So, it looks like until a future iPhone (the 3G one perhaps), you will have to manually enter numbers and contacts into your Prius Nav system. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks.
  • Allen Huffman Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)
    I use an iPhone in a 2007 Prius. Other than the inability to sync address book (which I could do with my Treo 650), and not being able to listen to voicemail from the Visual Voicemail screen of the iPhone (you can still dial in if you want to hear it from speakers), everything works. But, I do have one major Prius bug -- maybe someone here can confirm it? Perhaps it's a problem with my car?

    When the Navigation System is in use, and I make a call from the iPhone, the car will mute the phone call every time the Nav System speaks. During speech, the caller cannot hear me (silence) and I cannot hear them (only the car talking). It is very disruptive.

    MY 2005 PRIUS did not behave this way. In my previous Prius, the Navigation System would just be silent any time I had a call going on through the bluetooth speakers.

    My 2007 Prius had this problem with a Sprint Treo 650 and then the AT&T iPhone so I do not believe it is iPhone related.

    I could be wrong. Has anyone else had this problem, though?

    It doesn't always do this. I believe calls made from the car screen itself are fine (and this only possible when not moving, since Toyota locks out the screen otherwise). It may only be when I answer or place a call from the iPhone, letting the Bluetooth speaker system take over.