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I finally got this setup, but have a few questions. I've been waiting for weeks for the imap option to show on my gmail account and finally realized that I had to actually log into gmail from a computer for the enable imap option to show, it doesn't show if you log into gmail using the iphone, so i logged in using a computer and enabled it and set it up in outlook 2003 and on the iphone.
1 - anyone know why the enable imap option does not show when logged into gmail, viewing settings, when using the iphone, but does show when on a computer?

2 - does the auto-check feature on the iphone still regulate the checking intervals on the iphone or is it like true push email?

3 - i rarely goto the gmail website to do email, i use outlook and iphone, so...if i have the iphone set to have drafts mailbox, sent mailbox, deleted mailbox on the server, using the iphone or outlook, if i delete an email and then delete it from the trash, is it gone or do i still have to go out to gmail website and empty the trash every once and a while (i know gmail trash empties every 30 days, but i dont like things sitting in the trash that long)

Any help or answers would be appreciated...thanks.


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    1) No idea

    2) I do not belive the Gmail IMAP server is push so yes, the checking intervals still apply

    3) Yes. What ever you do on the iPhone will reflect on the server and then in Outlook when it syncs. This included Deletion, Drafts and Inbox. The Trash on the Gmail server will still need to be emptied manually if you want the messages gone sooner than 30 days.
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    1. That is because the gmail webpage on the iphone is the striped down version of the full gmail webpage you see on your computer (there are 3 versions standard, basic html and mobile, on the iPhone it seems only the mobile and the basic html can be viewed)
    2.3. Answered already
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    Thanks for the answers. I have a follow up to #3...
    does anyone know of a way to not have to go to the gmail site to empty the trash? Im not at home so i cant check, but does anyone know if using the recover deleted items option in outlook can be used to empty the gmail trash from within outlook? (same way it would work with outlook and exchange imap)
    Thanks again.
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    thanks that makes sense
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    You will need to access Gmail to empty the trash more frequently. You can do this on the Safari browswer.

    Yes, by accessing the trash folder either in Outlook or the iPhone you can move the message back to the inbox.
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    ok cool....thanks again