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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows of any plug-ins or a way to add a text box on the lower left hand corner of a small commercial I created in iMovie 4.0??? I need the box in the corner to say "your logo here" but also be transparent at the same time. I also need text on the right hand side. There is also a shot at the end with another large box which I need to create. There is an example of what I'm talking about here, just click the second preview to see what I'm talking about: http://www.mpowermedia.com/Results.php#

Thanks for your help!!

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    Sorry, the link is not going where it's supposed to!! Go here: http://www.mpowermedia.com/ Then click on the select button for the SPOT LIBRARY category and then select appliances, and finally click on the second preview, I believe it's called "Best prices." Thank you. Sorry for all this but you should be able to see a sample of what I'm referring to there!!

    Any help would be awesome, thanks!!
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    the 'usual supects' offer pic-in-pic plug-ins for iM4 ...

    stupendous-software.com ...

    or, use goo' ol' QTpro to apply watermarks and bugs... here's an illustrated how-to on my site:

    .. iM08 offers a simple 'on top' feature, when importing tiff/png file with tranparency/alpha channels..
    or, consider the Big Toy, *FinalCut Express.*. which offers zillions of effects..