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  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)
    that's getting now a huge problem in Leopard. syslogd is out of control, not only taking all CPU and memory but now, I just realized that the log file it is writing are incredibly large and have gone between 800Meg to 1G.

    while I do not see a lot of post on this subject, I had found many on other forums; -time-machine

    none of them gives a satisfactory answer on this issue. everyone is blaming either 3rd party application or Apple software as well as Leopard's Back-To-My-Mac or Time Machine. There is no coherence between all this.

    The best post I found so far is this one;
    but still, no good answer.

    I quite surprise of seeing all these forum talking about this strange and unacceptable Leopard's behaviour. It seems to me that syslogd is have a significant discrepency. Based on all this, I will give a chance to fresh and new installation of Leopard hoping this will solve the issue.
  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)
    I did a complete erase/install of Leopard 10.5.2. And once again, syslogd has gone crazy taking all CPU and preventing the PowerBook to go to sleep.

    Seriously, after a complete reinstall I feel clueless. The whole Leopard system just became completly useless to me. I'm looking through log to find any clue but I do not find anything relevant.

    What is it happening with Leopard? This is the first times in years that I got a serious issue using an MAC OS. I'm completely amazed; I'm not the only one having this issue since I found several post elsewhere on Internet but nothing relevant here in Apple forums. Nobody here seems to know or post about this!

    What can I do?
  • flirkx Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Seabeast,

    followed your struggle on different forums, because i had the same trouble without finding a solution.
    In the end i found somewhere this terminal command that finished the trouble.

    Fire up Terminal and execute the following commands (enter administrator password when asked):

sudo launchctl stop
sudo rm /var/log/asl.db
sudo launchctl start

What do these commands do? First of all, we stop the syslogd process. The second line removes a database file which causes the whole dilemma (don’t worry, it’ll be re-created afterwards), the third line starts the previously stopped process again.

Now reboot your Mac and everything should be fine!

  • cotedan Level 1 (5 points)
    Had same problem all of a sudden. Noticed that my INTEGO virusbarrier also was hogging the CPU and that my subscription had expired. Removed the old version and installed a new one and CPU usage is back to normal now. It's as if the expired antivirus was being logged endlessly.

    Wondering if there wasn't some corruption of some of the files. Did disk repair but to no avail. Only thing fixing the problem was removing the antivirus and reinstalling with an updated subscription.
  • sadenny Level 1 (0 points)

    Where do I press return on these commands?
  • Pejvan Level 1 (0 points)
    I think I have found the solution to this enigma. I had been fighting for many hours with my Mac to get this fixed, I noticed that weirdly enough, my log file was in the hundreds of megs while all the previous ones (the archived ones in .1, .2, etc.) where in the dozens of kB.

    Second issue, the permissions on the file were wrong.

    So you get to fix it by either:
    - fixing the permission (manually)
    - fixing the permission (from Disk Utility)
    - deleting the file with a "sudo rm"

    I hope this helps, and apologies for not taking the time to document this fix precisely.
  • I Am The Man With Strings (2) Level 1 (0 points)
    This is a problem I only noticed today - I noticed the videos on Youtube I was watching became laggy and zittery. I wondered what was going on so I opened CPU Monitor (the old app from 10.2) and was amazed at the 100 CPU usage. Thinking this rather spectacular I opened Activity Monitor to find out which CPU hungry app was hogging the system. Finding nothing in the My Processes section I switched to All Processes - took a bit of finding, but there it was, syslogd. I searched the internet to see if this was some sort of Virus or spyware relaying loads of information out to some info-farm. But it turns out there are loads of people with this problem, on Intel and PPC macs, dual, quad and solo core. I have no .mac stuff in system preferences, because since the update to 10.5.5 it has been replaced by something called "MobileMe", which, in order to change preferences, you need an account and to log in. I doubt if MobileMe is the source of the problem, as it occurs when iTunes crashes, when an Airport network is joined .etc.

    Strangly the computer isnt all that slow, it seems to cope rather well with the high usage of this app, when another app requires CPU time, it seems to be given and the percentage use by syslogd drops.
    It is only really noticable with stuff that takes a few percent of processor power, such as EyeTV recording and playing, or high usage stuff being slowed down like Toast.

    I have However noticed a **** lot of apps crashing and requiring error reports since my very recent update from 10.5.1 to 10.5.5, its p*ssing me off a bit. Like i leave in the comments section of the error reports to apple, If i want a crashy machine, I will use my Windows machine!!!

    Longwinded I know, but I like my keyboard!
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