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Last night I went to sync my iPhone to my Mac, at which time it told me there was an update, I I tried to install this update, but what happened was my iPhone went into a restore mode. I then tried to restore the phone but I received the message... The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred(1604). I have tried several times now to restore the phone, but continue to receive the same message. My phone is not working & I cannot even use the emergency options.
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    Plug it into your Mac. Hold the sleep/wake button and home button for 10 secs, Release the sleep/wake after 10 secs. Continue to hold the home button for 25-30 more secs. This forced the iPhone into restore mode. Then iTunes should say "An iPhone has been found in restore mode and must be restored before use." At that time you may restore it. If all else fails go to an Apple store.
    Hope this helps
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    Ditto, (Unknown error 1603)
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    Attempt to use my fix above
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    I'm giving it a try. Download time expected to be an hour. At least it's trying again to update. Where before it would not get out of restore mode.
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    I have tried that & still nothing, well actually it keeps telling me the same thing as before. I am calling tech support today.
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    Thanks for posting this, it worked for me. I was stumped!
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    Did you unlock your iphone using "anySim" or "iphonesimfree" unlocking software ?
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    In case this has not been solved or if someone else has encountered the problem, I ran into the situation while attempting to update iPhone software to 1.1.2. I was getting the "unknown error" (1603) response and none of the "reset" options worked. I checked with Apple and learned that there is a Knowledgebase article (#307219) entitled "Restore error messages on the iPhone and iPod touch." It was last modified on 12/21/07. It covers a number of error messages. In my case, it appears that it may have been a "permissions" problem. The answer was first obtain have the latest version of iTunes. Then boot Itunes using another account on your computer (or create another one). Once Itunes is up, connect the iPhone. After the restoration, I did not sync until returning to my primary account. Once this was accomplished, the iPhone was "good as new" -- only updated. Hope this helps.
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    iphone will not update until iTunes is updated first.