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Well i have 2 accounts, i want to delete the other one that is not the Administrator but i want to get some files of that account to mine, to have it all in one, can anyone help?

mac ibook g4
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    Hello TheGrinch

    Go to System Preferences > Accounts. There, if you select the account you want to delete (assuming it is logged off, and you are currently using the other account), you can then click on the minus sign button at the bottom to delete the account. Tiger will offer you the possibility to immediately erase the user's home folder, or move it to a Deleted Users folder that will be accessible from the other account (be careful! if you select the wrong option, all the files of the user you want to delete will be lost forever!...).

    After that, you might have problems with the access rights to the files of the deleted user. One thing you can do is right-click on the old user's home folder in Deleted Users to display its information, and change the owner of the folder to the other user. Make sure you check the "do it recursively" box to change the owner of all the files inside that folder.

    Hope this helps