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Time Machine experts, I have a question.

I don't have my laptop yet (MBP), but that didn't stop me from picking up some peripherals at today's black Friday sales.

-160GB portable usb drive (usb powered)
-500GB external usb drive

My plan is to keep my itunes library on the 160GB drive (my ipod is a 160GB classic).

I plan to use the 500GB drive as my backup drive. I am curious if Time Machine will automatically back up my itunes libaray even though is not located on my actual laptop. Assume I have both drives connected at the time.

Will Time Machine take care of me automatically, or will I have to back up my itunes library manually? (I assume if this is the case, at least my itunes preferences and database files will get backed up via Time Machine.)

Is there any reason why this plan would be a bad idea? I went this route because I wanted the 500GB drive to be purely backup and I wanted to bring my itunes library around without cluttering up the drive on my MBP. The 500GB will remain in my home.

Thanks folks.