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When I try to download my purchased items from itunes store to my library, it always stops and the err = 9006 comes up. Can someone please help me. I have purchased songs, but cannot download them.

gateway, Windows XP
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    I ran into the same thing while downloading a season. I have a theory on the cause and am fairly certain I found the solution:

    *The cause*, I unchecked the "Allow simultaneous downloads" box in the middle of downloading the season. At the time, it was downloading 3 episodes simultaneously. It stopped the 2nd and 3rd and continued downloading the first to completion. It was these two stopped episodes that kept throwing the "err = 9006" error afterwards.

    I tried some of the solutions I found online: rechecking for purchases, logging out and logging back into my iTunes account, etc -- but none helped.

    *My solution*: I shut down iTunes and went into my music folder. There should be a folder called "Downloads" that contains the download fragments and some other partial download playlists. I deleted everything in that folder (on second thought, it might be wise to simply copy it elsewhere as a backup -- just in case) and then restarted iTunes. I ran the "check for purchases" tool again and sure enough the two episodes downloaded fine.

    I'm guessing that something got corrupted in the download and the only way to do it was to start from scratch. Since iTunes only counts it against you when you complete the download, you're fine to delete the partial download and start over.

    Hope this helps!