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I have a kontakt multi instrument up in Logic 8. ("multi instrument" is a term also used by native instruments to describe a setup in kontakt that uses different sounds (or groups of sounds) on different midi channels, I'm not talking about the "multi instrument" from logics environment) In Logic 7 I used to just assign different tracks in logic to the same instrument number and change the midi channel on each track to control the sounds on different midi channels in kontakt. In Logic 8 changing the midi channel in any track assigned to the same inst number changes the midi channel in all of them. This is confusing me. I read the Assigning Tracks to Channels section in the manual (I understand that is isn't talking about midi channels) and that didn't help. So how do I assign multiple tracks in the arrange window to the same instrument but address different midi channels? Hope this was clear.

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    I would really appreciate help with this. It's been holding me up on a project for a couple days now. I used to do this all the time in Logic 7. There has to be a way to handle it in Logic 8. I've looked through the manual to try to figure it out over and over again.
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    DIn Logic a multi-instrument is midi. What N.I. calls multi-instrument in Logic 8 in a multi-output software instrument and in L7 is called a multi-channel audio instrument. Create a multi-instrument and cable it to the Kontakt multichannel software instrument. Then either add the midi channels to the Arrange window or open up External Instruments and assign them to the midi channels so that you an add fx to them.
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    Balie Todd -

    I hope that this is helpful. . . .

    For me. . . It seems that the easiest way to set up "multi-instrument" with the Kontakt plug-in is when I'm setting up new tracks in Logic 8. When setting up new tracks, I click on the "Multi-Timbral". It then offers me the initial option of 16 tracks which will later be configured with the _*one instance*_ of Kontakt. Less "Multi-Timbral" channels can be created if needed. I then select the Kontakt plug-in as my "multi-timbral" plug-in of choice. When selecting Kontakt, I also select 16 stereo channels (a number of choices should be provided you at this point).

    Then the bulk of the work is done within Kontakt. I set up how many "multi-instruments" I need and select a different stereo "Output" channel for each instrument. (Note: +_So far_, I've found it best to set-up several different stereo channels out as default before doing anything. In other words, I have 16 stereo out-put channels configured as "Default" within Kontakt which will later be used within Logic 8. I'm still experimenting with this, though.+) So, each individual instrument within Kontakt is configured with a different stereo Output Channel and a different midi-channel. Once all is done here to my satisfaction, I then configure Logic 8 to correspond with each Output channel (with corresponds with each individual instrument within Kontakt).

    _As a matter of organization_, this is what I now do. . .

    In the Arrange Window of Logic 8, I always see the number of "*Inst 1*" that I picked when clicked on "Multi-Timbral" at the beginning when first configuring new channels within Logic 8. I change each track name to the instrument each track ( _and each midi channel_ ) will correspond to within Kontakt. I then click on Mixer. It is at this point when I actually configure Logic 8 to correspond with each instrumental stereo output configured within Kontakt. To do this, I click on * which is located just below the "S" (solo) button of the main track. I click the * option which creates auxillary channels. The number of times you click the * symbol will be the number of Auxillary channels created. It's these Aux channels that actually correspond to the stereo channels configured within Kontakt.

    I am now set to sequence using the Arrange channel to engage each instrument for recording. When finished sequencing, I am now also set to mix-down the Kontakt instruments (EQ, add effects, etc for each instrument) from within the Mixer window of Logic 8.

    This is what works for me. There very well might be a simpler way. But it works!

    To save time next time, I save bigger setups as Templets within Logic 8. It remembers it, thankfully, and I don't have to spend time repeating all of the above for a large setup.

    Again. . . I hope that this is helpful for you. At any rate, good luck.


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    Thank you both very much. This will help.