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Dear All,

Maybe it's the printer I've got (an Epson "Acu-Laser C900" colour laser printer and its associated "drivers"), or it's OS X, or it's me, but I've never had the problems that I have printing under OS X 10.4.x, with, say, Mac OS 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.2 & 10.3, Windows (any version, even 2.0), Phoenix/Vax-VMS/Solaris/Unix/Linux (any versions) or OS/2 (any version).

I have been trying to print a pdf of the EMC2 documentation (EMC2 is freeware CNC software, see http://www.linuxCNC.org for further details), and my printer gives up even if I try to print "page 1 of 1", let alone the whole lot. I end up having to delete the job to clear the queue. And it's not the first time that I have had unsolvable problems with printing under OS X. Note also that I have a licence copy of "Printer Setup Repair 5.1 TE" installed and operational.

The worst part of it is that there are no GUI (or any other) messages (that I can find) as to what has gone wrong. The Job sits in the printer queue. Note also that it's not a page-dimension (A4 versus US Letter) problem.

Has anyone else had problems with the above printer (if in fact anyone else in the Mac world is stupid enough to be using it) and pdfs, and if so, have they a solution? Any help gratefully received, and apologies to any innocent victims of my invective. But no apologies whatsoever to any guilty parties.

I'm just about out of my tiny android mind about this one (and have the bruises on my forehead to prove it).

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Dr Alex Newman.

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    Solution - I upgraded to Leopard and bought a new printer (cost of new cartridges for old printer >> cost of new printer, great thing our throw-away society, eh?). Although now my Dlink bluetooth dongle no longer works, but that's a different story, and with "Search" down I'm having a whale of a time sorting this one...)