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sdhodges1 Level 1 (0 points)
Since upgrading to 10.5.1 I seem to be having major problem with my wifi, it works for a couple of minutes and then drops out for a few seconds and then reconnects. Safari keeps displaying the page "You are not connected to the internet", I hit the refresh button and then all is OK again.

I only have this problem when unplugged for the mains power.

Any else seen this?

Thanks for looking.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
  • Maxplanar Level 4 (3,070 points)
    Leopard has updated the DNS resolution software and many old DNS servers are not working well with it. Many who have had problems like yours see instant success by pointing the wifi router at different DNS servers - for example those from opendns.com. Visit the site and follow the instructions to change the DNS server settings for your router.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm having the same problem and this didn't fix it for me.
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    Not sure if this will help you but I have changed my wireless router, I was using a BT home hub so changed it to a Netgear one and now all is OK for me.

    The DNS settings alone didn't work for me either.

    Let's hope Apple release a fix for this soon.
  • OS Lucinity Level 1 (40 points)
    I'm using an Airport Express and having this problem.

    Comcast Tech had me remove the Airport, and go directly from modem to computer w/ Ethernet cable. He also mentioned how much he enjoys Ubuntu, having uninstalled 2 dell's which came with Vista. lol

    So far it's running smooth. We'll see if the Airport + Leopard is the culprit...
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    If this is a DNS issue then why does using an ethernet cable solve the problem?
  • Maxplanar Level 4 (3,070 points)
    It may or may not be a DNS issue, and for me it was the other way around - I had no problems with wireless, but wired connections would drop continuously. But using an ethernet cable to bypass the router means you are connecting with one less device between you and the net, thus one less thing to go wrong.
  • OS Lucinity Level 1 (40 points)
    If this is a DNS issue then why does using an ethernet cable solve the problem?

    I'm guessing Leopard + Router = DNS confusions...how, why? Man, idk, I'm not an Apple tech.

    All I know is that I disconnected my Airport, connected the modem directly to my G5, and haven't had internet problems since...
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    i'm having the same problem - connected, then "looking for pppoe host," then connects again - rinse and repeat.

    when i click on the menu bar airport icon i see "airport: scanning" and then "airport: on," then "airport: scanning" again.

    this happens to me whether i am plugged in (power adapter) or running from the battery. and i change my dns to opendns about 2 weeks ago when verizon started plastering those oh-so-helpful "are you looking for...?" landing pages in my browser window.

    i've had 10.5.1 since the day it came out, but only started to NOTICE this problem 3 days ago. i can't remember if i was online prior to that.

    i'm hoping this IS an apple software issue that will be resolved, oh, TODAY with a patch.
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    mbp leopard 10.5.1 netgear wi fi, same problem, im glad others are having it just becasue i thought i did something wrong, its very annoying as are a lot of aherm force quit issues with leopard, i didnt pay 120 euro to be apples beta tester, im hagin in for the next major update and if it dont hit the spot im burning leopard live on you tube, thanks
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    Glad to hear I'm not the only one having this trouble- I've been considering switching back to Tiger recently, as I use the MacBook mainly for web applications. The problems with the BT HomeHub are fairly well documented- I recently had a BT Engineer advise I switch back to my Belkin 54G Wifi Modem/Router after explaining the woes it was giving me with an xbox 360- says a lot about BT's attitude to customer support in my opinon. Ideally Apple will sort out this issue in the next update, though its good to know what the problem is at any rate.
  • kingharvest Level 1 (5 points)
    My problem seemed to be centred mostly with Gmail. With Airport Express hooked up I was constantly receiving error messages that the gmail server could not be reached, although other pages seemed to be loading. I tried the direct ethernet option and it seems to be working about 90% of the time.