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Can someone please do me a favor?

When your classic iPod is connected via a USB port to your PC and iTunes is open, what is being displayed on the iPod screen? Should it be a big charging battery, like when you use the USB travel power adapter? I'm getting a "Connected - Eject before Disconnecting" or "Synchronizing - Do not disconnect" message. In the top right corner of the iPod is a battery icon. It varies between a non flashing lightning bolt or a side profile of a cord plug in. In Itunes, next to my iPod device name it does the same thing. Nowhere does it actually say "CHARGING". Is this correct? Also, my back light on the iPod stays fully illuminated while sync/charge is happening with the PC. It never goes out when connected to the PC. Is this normal too?

Thanks so much for your help and support. I have a 160gb Black iPod classic, with firmware 1.0.2 and iTunes

HP Pavillion a1330n, Windows XP
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    Yes, all is normal, don't worry. When you eject the iPod from iTunes, if you don't unplug the iPod of computer, in your iPod will appear the screen of a battery charging/charged you've mentioned.
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    I needed some time to figure that out either. But it's actually pretty simple:
    If your iPod is turned ON you will get the "Synchronizin" and "Eject" screens you described. the battery icon just indicates if it's charging (lightning bolt) or it is charged (plug).

    those screens are absolutly normal. you will notice that, a few seconds after you synched your iPod with iTunes, the iPod will show the normal menu and you can use it.

    if those screens are showing, just hold play/pause to turn off the iTunes. the moment it would normally turn off it will now display the gianz battery icons you are going for. it will also display "charging ..." and "charged!" now. AND it will turn off the screen in the charging mode
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    So are you saying, that while my iPod is connected to my PC via the USB cable and iTunes is open, I can press/hold the play/pause button my iPod and it will turn off during charging? I would then get the Big battery charging picture on my iPod? I haven't been able to do that.

    Only time I can turn off the iPod and keep charging is with the AC travel power adapter.

    Anyone else care to comment?
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    No, while iPod is mounted the iPod is blocked, you can't use it or turn it off. If you eject the iPod then the Big battery charging screen appears, obviously if iPod is still connected to the PC.
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    don't want to be a pain in the ***, but I can do that. of course not while the iPod is syncronizing, but after that it shows "you may eject the iPod" and then goes to the normal iPod menu. then I can use it normally or turn it off normally and it will show a big battery icon (while still connected and mounted by my PC, it's still showing up in iTunes, it's just not synchronizing anymore)

    but if you switch off your iPod or not actually doesn't really matter, it will charge itself anyway.

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    So, the screens I initially described are all normal. Biggest thing learned is that after syncing the iPod with iTunes, I should eject the iPod. This will then permit the iPod to still charge as indicated by the large battery on the ipod screen, and also allows the iPod to turn off and not stay illuminated continuously as when connected/synced with iTunes.

    Thanks all.