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I have a 17" MacBook Pro, running 10.4 and the beta of Boot Camp (I bought the machine ~ 9/1/2006).

Today, while working normally, I was "pinged" by Software Update that there were updates ready to install. I said "go ahead".

Halfway through, I received a message similar to "Software Update has encountered an unexpected issue, you must restart".

I selected restart. My machine will no longer boot (on the mac side), getting to the final (~100%) "blue line" on start up screen and than hanging.

I have tried many times (and also let it "think" for many hours) to no avail.

I just returned from the local Apple Store "Genius Bar" (a whole other story - not pleasant) where they tried to boot from CD, but the only option is to erase the entire drive and all data to do so. Since I have not backed up my device, I said to not do that. The cause is apparently a known issue with the latest software update of 10.4 with the beta of Boot Camp. (as a "known" issue, I for the life of me will never understand why that was not made clear to the user BEFOREHAND).

Unfortunately, that option is not good for me (shame on me for not backing up my device) as I have years worth of email, all of my music and videos (thousands of songs) and pictures as well as 100% of my cycling training data (which is downloaded via a device whenever I ride) for the last two years.

Apparently, they claim there is no other option (they also do not see any issues at all with having a update that can cause this type of catastrophic failure without some sort of indication of the risks thereof - i.e, "please back up all of your data before installing this upgrade)

I need to find a way to restore my device to working order and recover my data. Apple claims (both in-store and on the phone) that they do not do data recovery nor do they know who does or how to do it.

Does anybody have any ideas/options for me?

1. Advice on how I can work around this (preferably without a erase)
2. If I do have to erase, how can I recover my data?
3. What happens to all of my purchased music/video from iTunes if I cannot recover?
4. How I could find all of my software licenses (which are all in my email, which I can't access) for downloaded applications?
5. How to feel less stupid and borderline sucicidal?....:-)

Thanks in advance for any help or advice....


Macbook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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