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Since upgrading to latest iTunes, my ipod had a huge amount of non-video and non-music space not awailable (the orange section of the bar). Therefore, I reset my pod to factory settings.

It now won't sync at all!

When I try to sync, it syncs the playlist names etc. but that is all, everything's empty and I just get the message:

"...cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found"

Please can someone help, I miserable here!

P.S. My pod now also now crashes and even when I have ejected it from iTunes, manually edjected it from windows, and shut down, it still says not to disconnect and needs a force restart (by pressing the middle and top wheel together). Never had any kind of problems before and my pod is loved and coveted.

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5gen 30G, Windows XP
  • Joel Sanda Level 1 Level 1 (120 points)

    I experienced the same problem and solved it by Restoring my iPod. I could not find what was using up the space so I first reset the iPod ( and then Restored ( and that fixed the problem.

    My problem also arose after an iTunes upgrade, so I assumed it was a corruption error with the space. I also sync my iCal calendars, Address Book and Photos, though.
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    Thanks for the advice, but as per my P.S. above, I've already manually reset it several times. Still no joy...

  • Joel Sanda Level 1 Level 1 (120 points)
    Hmmm. Didn't catch the "PS". In this case you should use the "Restore" button in iTunes to completely erase the iPod. This function will then reapply the iPod software to the iPod and allow you to start over. In iTunes 7.5 on the Mac this button is available when you have selected the iPod in the left-hand pane.
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    My computer crashed when my iPod was plugged in. It seemd that my iPod crashed also. I tried restoring & resetting it but neither worked.I then tried syncing my playlist to the iPod. In iTunes it did sinc the music from my library but in iTunes my iPod music is displayed in my library but I can't choose any music (it's light gray). When I disconnect the iPod from my computer, my iPod reads 0 in music. I think I may be missing an iPod file or something. Any suggestions?

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    I have had some problems with my 5th generation ipod. I just sent the ipod in for repair about a week ago and they decided that I needed a new one so they shipped me a new ipod. When I plug my ipod into the computer and error message pops up and it reads "Itunes has detected an ipod that appears to be currupted. You may need to restore this ipod before it can be used with itunes. You may also try disconnecting and reconnecting the ipod." This is the same error message I received when I had to ship my old ipod in for repair. I have restored my brand new ipod, and the message still pops up. It doesn't make any sense because its a brand new ipod. I think I have attempted every procedure listed on the support website. I have tried switching the usb cable, switching usb ports, uninstalling and reinstalling itunes, and shutting down my antivirus and firewall, and nothing seems to work. I know the problem is not the ipod, its my computer, but is there any setting I can change to maybe get it to recognize my ipod? Is there anything else I can do?
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    Ok, I'll try that again. But, restoring my iPod was what caused all this mess in the first place.


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    Well, got more files to sync (took about 1/2 hr!), but the pod has crashed again.

    Tried to update with the new iPod software (not available yesterday), and it won't recognise it either.

    At wits end here...
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    My mother-in-law is having similar problems. She's telling me that her ipod won't sync with the computer, or that it will only put a few episodes of the "Dog Whisperer" on it, for which she has many more episodes. She's also said that she tried banging the iPod on the floor three times, which didn't help. Her next step is to throw it in the wood stove.

    Any suggestions?

    She's got an HP using Windows XP. She's tried restoring and all that stuff.

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    Ok you might be able to help me. I have been getting an error code and i called apple and they said the code means i have a corupted song. i ran a virus program and it didnt find it. waht should i do? i have already restarted my ipod 20 some times and re installed itunes and updated it and im getting a message that says reinstal itunes and i have 2 times now and am still getting the same problem wich is i cant sync. any advice to clear the virus and sync my dam ipod
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    I cannot sync mine either. It won't sync anything I have purchased from itunes
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    I found a solution for my problem with syncing error (iphone cannot be synced required file cannot be found) by selecting the option Advanced - Replace information on this iPhone for the Contacts. In my case this error was being caused by the photos from my contacts.
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    I don't have an iPhone.

    I also only use my pod for music and videos.

    Not photos
    Not contacts
    Nothing else.

    Actually, now it won't even restore as it says it needs a file for that too! It didn't the last few times I restored over the last couple of days...
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    im having exactly the same problems as you! do you get "unknown error (1418)" when trying to restore, aswell as "the required file could not be found" whilst trying to sync?

    its driving me mad!
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    Angua2 and others,

    I'm currently experiencing the same exact issue. I receive this error when trying to sync my 5th gen iPod Classic:

    "The iPod "Greg's iPod" cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found."

    That's helpful. I called Apple tech support and they asked me to uninstall iTunes and re-install (this is afer multiple rounds of resetting and restoring the device to no avail).

    This did not work, so I called back. They asked that I ship the device back because it's likely a hardware issue. So, that's what I'm going to do. It's not the solution I was hoping for, but I'm frustrated being stuck in this cycle of syncing several dozen songs and then seeing it crap out on me only to get that very generic error.

    I'm crossing my fingers that they'll either fix the hardware issue or issue me a new one.

    Good luck,

    PS: Note that Apple only takes care of free shipping for 6 months after purchase; after that it's up to you to get it there and back. I fell 13 days out of that 6 month window and the base tech support couldn't override the charge, so it had to be escalated to a manager. Once escalated, the very friendly manager was happy to take care of the shipping for me. So, like a lot of things, just ask.
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