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Adam Rossier Level 1 Level 1
When I create a new To Do within the Mail app, I want the new To Do item to be set in "On My Mac" not the .Mac account. The preferences and setting are set to do just that. Unfortunately as a result the Mail app has created two To Do categories 1)On My Mac 2).Mac. Further more this sub item in the Reminders has created the folder "Apple Mail To Do" on my iPhone which is annoying. I have been trying to reset my .Mac mail and Mail app, simply to remove the "Apple Mail To Do" folder but have found no success. Is there a way to delete the ".Mac" To Do category, as of now I can not control click it or select delete mailbox from the menu as I can with Notes, or other .Mac created sub folders.

As a side note, the "Apple Mail To Do" only appears on my iPhone and is not recognized via webmail. All I really want to do it get the "Apple Mail To Do" off of my iPhone. And deleting all my To Do's from mail does not resolve the issue.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
  • _Cyril_ Level 1 Level 1
    Hi "piroconejo" ...

    Did you get an answer for this issue ??

  • Pascal Bouvier Level 4 Level 4
    you apparently cannot delete to do folders at this stage in Leopard Mail, and you cannot unsubscribe from one mailbox/folder in a .mac account in the iphone either. that is frustrating! As you correctly point out you can make sure you create new to dos in the folder you want, without making a mistake... go to mail>preferences>compsoing and select the folder you would like to use to create new to dos/notes but that has no bearing on the to do folders.. Gosh, feesdback to Apple is in order!

    hope this helps
  • igrok-mac Level 3 Level 3
    It does appear that Leopard Mail won't let you delete the account-specific todo folder. Of course if you have webmail on a non .mac server, you can go in and delete the folder yourself.

    But I've actually found it a useful way to have the todos show up on my iPhone, which todos on your mac won't. So if I need a to do to show up on my phone, I create it in an email account, and it's there.

    That said, I do think the whole todo implementation is kinda weird, and not particularly well thought out. But I'm trying to see what use I can make of it before I beat it up too badly.
  • Franklin Marder Level 1 Level 1
    This is a very serious problem for my clients. They use IMAP on a 3rd party server and Mail crashes with an error message regarding the creation of ToDo's on the server. I have to reconfigure their email every time this happens. Very bad implementation since you can't opt out of it.
    Development needs to look at this.
  • The Laughing Imp Level 3 Level 3
    Curiously, the To Do items deleted from one IMAP client are not removed on my other IMAP clients from the same account. This seems to me that Mail & To Do are not talking very well with the IMAP server. Mail's IMAP implementation is much improved with Leopard, but still very buggy.

    One way to make sure IMAP syncs properly is to create mail folders named Drafts, Sent, Junk, & Trash mailboxes and specifically tell Mail that these are the Drafts, Sent, Junk, & Trash folders. When I do this, syncing works perfectly. I wonder if the same trick can be used with To Dos...
  • The Laughing Imp Level 3 Level 3
    I've also noticed that Mail doubles the alarms on each To Do every time I recheck my mail from a different client. So don't think you're doing anything wrong on your end. LOL IMAP support is wonky at best.
  • Adam Rossier Level 1 Level 1
    Although I have not been able to remove the ToDo .mac folder in leopard. I was able to have the option to delete the ToDo folder from my .mac mail using Tiger's mail app. To option to delete was a simple control+click. Hope this helps anyone else.
  • Ryan J. Bonnell Level 1 Level 1
    *I sent the following remarks to Apple using their product feedback page:*

    +"Since upgrading to Leopard and using the new version of Mail, my mail server has become littered with a silly "Apple Mail To Do" folders, despite disabling the preference to store Notes on the server (in Mail > Preferences).+

    +This problem is further complicated by not being able to delete the folder from within Mail — I have to login to my server via SSH or webmail and manually delete the folder.+

    +Why would I need to do so? When browsing my IMAP e-mail account from my iPhone I see a folder named "Apple Mail To Do" which clutters up my folder listing (and isn't necessary since I don't store To-Do items on the server).+

    +Apple should fix this behavior and allow us to be able to permanently delete this folder from within Mail if we choose not to store To-Do items on the server, or honor the account setting in Mail > Preferences and not create this folder on the server in the first place!"+

    *I encourage you and others to let Apple know our opinion on this matter by submitting your feedback at:* http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html
  • mintdog Level 1 Level 1
    You can delete these using Entourage but Mail 10.5.2 will recreate them. It's screwed up.