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When I want to sync my music to my new Ipod nano, I only get as far as the Ipod icon below Devices. After selecting it, the summary pane is supposed to show and if it does not, then to click on the Summary Tab. But I don't see it anywhere. I tried doubleclicking on the icon and just letting my mouse pointer lay on the icon and nothing happens. Where exactly is it hiding?
I have Itunes 7.5 and Quicken 7.3.
I ran a dianostic check and everything checks out.

Asus, Windows XP
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    Do you see something like this screen after you select the iPod?

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    No that screen does not appear. However there is a registration screen that may be covering it over some how. I already checked off the agreement and click the register button a couple of times and this screen always pops up when I play around with the controls. I will try again and come back here to see if you would know why the summary screen does not appear.
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    Ok, I found the problem. The fault was in my monitors resolution. I could not get the whole screen to appear at the present resolution. So I raised it to recommended levels. This made the print difficult for me to read but when I went into Itunes to try again, I saw a "Continue Button" that was not seen at the old resolution. After clicking on this, The "Summary" menu along with a few others, came into view and I followed the prompts and successfully downloaded my music to my Ipod.