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I recently installed Leopard and then within the past week applied the software update to get to 10.5.1 I have found that when I install an external device (i.e. thumbdrive, camera to download photos, etc.) that I do not show that device on the sidebar of the finder. This isn't a problem for some items that show on the desktop (such as my thumbdrive), but other's such as the camera are for some reason not showing up anywhere and I am having trouble importing photos from the camera, even though it is apparently connecting to i-Photo, as it is opening the program when I "sync" up the camera to the computer.

I don't know if the lack of showing on the sidebar is related to the inability to download photos, but I am looking for some help.

NOTE: I have gone to the Finder / Preferences and enabled it to show all the devices in that list.

G4 PowerBook 17", Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Welcome to the Discussion Boards.
    1) Did your camera mount on the Desktop before you upgraded to Leopard. And are you plugging the camera directly via USB or using a card reader
    2) If you don't want iPhoto to open when you connect the camera; Open Applications/Image Capture/Preferences/Camera & select either No Application or Image Capture. As a temporary solution, you could select Image Capture as that works pretty good for importing photos from the camera.
    3) Be careful with iPhoto. After importing photos, iPhoto will ask if you want to delete the photos on your camera. Generally a good idea to say no.
    4) My Sidebar had 2 Mac HD showing today, until I logged out/in. Needless to say, I only have 1
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    Joe: Thanks for your response.

    1. I was never able to see my camera on the desktop before now, but rather it would open i-Photo at which point I could import photos. At this time, I haven't been able to download anything once i-Photo came up. I have always connected via USB cable.
    2. I tried your suggestion re: Image Capture and it worked well. The camera came up on the desktop and I was able to download.
    4. My sidebar still does not show the externals that at connected to the computer, as has been the case very recently. I can't be sure that the upgrade to 10.5.1 was the culprit, but that seems to be about the time that I noticed the change.
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    How are you getting iPhoto to open. Do you connect the camera & iPhoto automatically opens or do you connect the camera & manually open iPhoto. If it's the latter, check iPhoto/Preferences/General/Connecting Camera Opens/select iPhoto
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    Joe: It is the first. I plug in the camera to the USB port and the camera comes up with menu, one of which is "PC", once that is selected, the i-Photo comes up automatically.

    I just tried your suggestion and when I opened i-Photo, it asked if I wanted to automatically open when connecting camera. When I said no and opened the program, none of the previous photos were there and I can't seem to find them.

    When was set up the other way, I was always able to open i-Photo without the camera attached and never had an issue with the photos being there in the library.

    Oh well!
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    1) Most important; I hope you still have the photos on your memory card
    2) I highly recommend getting a USB Card Reader that's appropriate for your memory card. I find it the best solution for importing/exporting photos & other files also
    3) Sorry I couldn't be more help

    Hopefully others will jump into the thread to help