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I plugged in my ipod nano for the first time in a couple of weeks, and when iTunes loaded - it had NO podcasts in it... Every single one. Disappeared.

The ipod popped up a message saying "can't sync podcasts because there are none to sync with" or something similar... ('fraid I didn't write the message down at the time).

Has anyone else ever had all their pod-casts just disappear? I'm fairly sure they weren't accidentally deleted.

Any way to "retrieve" them without finding out each url and re-subscribing and downloading them all again? I had several hours of unlistened to stuff that will take an age to download again!

I do have a back-up of the iTunes directory on another computer - from a week ago... Any chance I'd be able to retrieve the missing podcasts from there?

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1.2Ghz 1Gb Ram, 80Gb Hard disk
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    Is there a Podcast folder in your Music Library? Is there anything in it?

    If you have a back up of your iTunes Music Library, then the Podcast folder should be present within it. Dragging and dropping this folder on to iTunes should put the files back where they go. They'll be re-imported, and once they have been you can simply hit the 'subscribe' button which will appear next to them in the Podcast directory list.