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One Apple a Day Level 1 (20 points)
I get this error when i try to set up my gmail account in the iPhone.

Why am i getting this ? I followed the instructions.

It says - Cannot Connect using SSL - Do you want to try setting up the acccount without SSL ? YES / NO.

whats wrong here ? Can someone help ?

Thanks in advance.

DELL, Windows XP
  • Smeagol7 Level 1 (50 points)
    In order to use the SSL in Google you may want to try using Googles IMAP format. Once you get it setup with IMAP, go to Settings/Mail/Advanced and turn on SSL.

    Google also requires you to access Googles Settings and instruct Google on how to handle its mail. See Google Settings!

  • Andrew T. Level 4 (3,210 points)
    Sorry to hear your experiencing this.

    Are you setting this up as a POP or IMAP?

    POP setup goes as follows. Settings-Mail-Add Account- Tapped on Gmail

    IMAP setup goes as follows. Settings-Mail-Add Account- Other- Tap on IMAP

    When the message appears. Click on No. And then Tap Save again.

    Another message will appear saying this account may not be able to send or receive. Tell it to save anyways.

    Now it will take you to the Mail section of iPhone settings. Tap on your Gmail account. And go to Advanced. SSL for incoming and outgoing should be on. Once this is done. Tap on the Home button. Then Tap on Mail. And attempt to see if your email downloads. If it does now try and send email.

    Let us know how this works for you.