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  • Wheelson Level 1 (0 points)
    Head to the Avery site and user their Design and Print tool. You select the label type from their huge list and it generates a PDF. Print the PDF with the sheet of labels in your printer and boom you've got a page of return address labels.
  • TLepianka Level 1 (0 points)
    Avery also has Mac Label Expert software you can download for free. I just installed it (requires Stuffit to extract the .sit file) and it is working fine on Leopard.
  • dsrl Level 1 (0 points)
    Good lord, this is crazy talk. But with my right hand in a cast I'm desperate for some legible return address labels and so I tried following these instructions, incredible though it was to put all those copies on my desktop. Even though I set it up for avery 8160 address labels, the margins are all wrong and the addresses printed half on one label and half on the other.

    I tried to get help from the avery website but when I try to use their options I get a notice about "no backend server" or some such. The link to avery uk just brings up a blank page. Now neooffice is downloading but it's taking forever. It's had 17 minutes left for about 30 minutes now. Up until now I've been glad to find everything I've needed within iworks if I spent time looking, but I'm about ready to fire up the ailing Dell and just get this done.

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    Of course there is yet another solution. For those of you like myself who have both Word and Pages but prefer the latter, what I do is open Word, on a new page I create the label template I need, then I save it. I then open it in Pages (because of course Pages recognizes .doc) and then simply select File/Save As Template, and voilà, I have my Avery label layout as a Pages template. It takes 2mins.

    I know this subject started a while ago but I hope this helps someone.
  • KansasKate Level 1 (0 points)
    Address Book might be fine for making address labels, what about other Avery products?

    I do a huge amount of work on Avery postcards and folded cards of various sizes, as well as Avery name tags, and I use Avery labels of all sizes to make stickers, seals and other non-address labels.

    For all these projects, I've been using MS Publisher (Windows XP-Pro) because, compared to MS Word, I find Publisher much better for moving around graphics & text boxes.

    My understanding was the Mac Pages would replace both Word and Publisher.

    I've had my iMac for only 48 hours, but after reading this thread, I'm already wondering if I'm going to have to keep a PC around just for using Publisher to print on Avery paper products. (And here I thought Mac was THE computer for desktop publishing!?!)

    Any tips or tricks would be most welcome!

  • DennisG Level 5 (6,455 points)

    You can print from Pages on any Avery product. The issue with address labels is that Pages has no address database. It hooks up with Address Book, but still can only place one address per page.

  • iLex Level 1 (0 points)
    Dear Kate,

    Have you had a look at this?

  • DavidoCA Level 1 (0 points)
    I have been going wacko. Looked for discussions/help on printing from Address Book to Avery shipping label & needed to have my return address on it plus all the recipient addresses. I gave up on the Pages and Address Book route, then went to Avery and did the Design & Print page. I entered my return address once and it duplicated it all the way down the page. Then I had to go to Address Book and copy and paste each name and address and insert into that box on each Avery box. Then go through the Avery steps until I got to the end. I had issues having the project sent to Adobe as pdf so I could then print them out. Safari wasn't working - so I had to go to Firefox and start all over and re-enter all the data!
    I was successful, finally, after hours of fiddling around, to get 30 labels printed out. Yikes!
    I see all the other help here, and will investigate for future. Wish it didn't have to be this way. The computer is supposed to make our work day efficient.
    I love my Mac, been a user since the early 80's. I just wish things would not be so difficult.
  • davidtkhayes Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks for the, I also have openoffice software for most of my labeling needs
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