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I have a MacBook Pro that has a full hard drive. I was trying to temporarily move some files to an 80 GB ipod, but my MacBook was not showing that the ipod was connected. After patiently waiting, and about 20 friendly reminders that my hard drive is full - I thought maybe if I restarted, it would recognize my ipod on start up.

Now all I have is a bright screen. My ipod says Do Not Disconnect, but my mac book won't turn on. I can power it on and off by pressing the power key, but it won't boot up beyond the start-up chime. I also tried inserting the installation CD and restarting while holding the C key, but that hasn't worked either.

How can I get my computer "On" so I can free up some space? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Powerbook G4 550MHz & MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.1), Lacie HD (3) & Lacie DVD burner & iPod & iPhone
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    have you tried to start up your computer in target mode ? By pressing T
    immediately after the startup chime you could try this. A bouncing FireWire
    symbol will appear on the screen, if you're successful.
    Then you could hook up your computer to another mac by using a 6/6 FireWire cable
    and from that computer delete some files and maybe repair disk and permissions.

    As a general advice - never let free space on a mac's HD drop below 10 gigs !


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    gandalf22's advice is spot on. I would however maintain at least 15% free space on your hard drive. So a 120 gig hd should have 18 gigs free.
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    Thanks for your help Robert & Sig.  I gave it a try, but my "Full" MacBook Pro never showed up on my old Powerbook.  Interestingly, the external Hard Drive that was connected to my MacBook Pro via Firewire 800 showed up, but the laptop itself did not.

    As soon as I get it fixed I promise to follow the suggested 10% free space rule... I've learned my lesson.  Any other suggestions??

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    I don't know exactly what happened - but after trying just about everything... suddenly it is working again.... I did so many desperate acts from Removing the battery to adding and ejecting installation disks, to unplugging a frozen iPod (with read "Do not disconnect"), to holding the "T" key, "C" key, to praying to the computer Gods. And now it is working again?! I'm just really happy. Thanks for all the help - I'll follow your advice (which should be 15% - sorry about saying 10% before) and free up space on the hard drive and be sure I never let it get this full again!