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For some reason my Quick Time crashed so I removed through windows Add/Remove programs successfully. When I went to uninstall Apple Software Update I get a pop up window that is telling me that it can't find the AppleUpdateSoftware.msi.

I have tried reinstalling Quick Time and iTunes but it keeps throwing that pop up at me. And another one telling me that Apple Software Update did not uninstall completely.

The pop up is giving me a choice to browse for the AppleUpdateSoftware.msi file but I can not seem to locate it any where on my hard drive.

I am out of ideas aside from editing the registry and deleting every Apple entry I can find.

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    +When I went to uninstall Apple Software Update I get a pop up window that is telling me that it can't find the AppleUpdateSoftware.msi.+

    That's usually a problem with the installation configuration information for Apple Software Update.

    Leave the registry alone. Instead, let's try the following procedure.

    Download and install the Windows Installer CleanUp utility:

    Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

    Now launch Windows Installer CleanUp ("Start > All Programs > Windows Install Clean Up"), find any *Apple Software Update* entries in the list of programs in CleanUp, select those entries, and click “remove”.

    Quit CleanUp, restart the PC and try another iTunes (or QuickTime) install. Does it go through properly this time?
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    Well I did know that program existed. Worked out great. Thanks
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    It was worth the hassle of signing up for the forum, just so I could tell you how you have saved me hours of potential headache. I followed your advice exactly as you stated and 5 minutes later all traces of apple/iTunes etc. was removed. Rebooted, downloaded the new version and that was it. Well done. Thank heavens for people like you, because the Apple site just said to remove the program through program manager......yeah right, like that EVER works!!

    Thanks again and well done.