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Hi all,

I am a relatively new user who juz got her iMac handdown from my brother... The issue is, the imac keep going to sleep. I would be watching youtube and all of a sudden it would go to sleep and the whole internet connection would die.

It's a little annoying.
so far, i reformat my entire imac, repair disk permission, delete power preference and internet preference and still have no idea what's wrong with it. It doesn't fall under the repair extension program as mine falls under "w8537". please any help would be appreciated. I think mine is still under the apple care program.. but i not too sure what to tell the guy

*oh ya..* it just die again 4 times as i was typing..

iMac G5
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    To Apple Discussions!

    Check your sleep settings.
    System Preferences>Hardware>Energy Saver>Sleep.

    Boot from your System Install DVD & run repair disk/permissions.

    If none of the above works, suggest that you call AppleCare & just tell them exactly what you stated in your post.

    It will also help if you would provide the following:
    Which "model" & "generation" G5 iMac do you have?
    Need this info so that the knowledgeable users can provide you with the proper troubleshooting solution(s).
    http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301724-en How to identify your iMac
    http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Mac/10.4/en/mh355.html Getting information about your computer

    You can have this info displayed on the bottom of every post by going to 'My Settings' which is located in the column on the right under your name, and filling in the information asked for.

    It would be also helpful if you advise which OS version you are using?

    Thank you
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    done that all... it states no repairs were necessary

    Model imac G5, OS 10.4

    I can't install updates to 10.4.11 as every single time it just go to sleep before i can complete... really tearing my hair out over this
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    Hi Peiyi1984 seah-

    SOunds like it may be overheating.

    Have you cleaned the intake and exhaust vents?


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    I'm having the same problems here,
    and it is just happening this 2 weeks, probably after I installed the 10.4.11 updates,
    And my iMac just keep randomly shut down during the past summer, yes, I know it might be overheat, but it happens even just 5 minutes after I boot the computer, and just run web browser like apps, and it happens really too often in the last summer.
    I'm still under the Applecare warranty I think, is the information which I said enough for a request of hardware fixing?
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    Mu-Q, since you have AppleCare, just call them & describe your problem in detail. It does not matter if the issue is hardware or software. You are covered for both & most importantly paying for such coverage.

    You can also use the Chat with a Support Agent. The online chat support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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    Hi... I have the same issue... where the iMac shuts goes to sleep out of the blue... sometimes very often in a short time period.

    From a recommendation of a previous post... how do you recommend one cleans the intake and exhaust vents?

    Using a compressed air canister from the outside? Do you open the iMac up and blow air on the insides with the back cover off?

    Thanks a bunch for any help!
  • MGW Level 7 (27,025 points)
    If it's an iSight, you void the warranty by opening it. Use a vacuum cleaner on the vents, that should help.

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    I have been having the problem for months - I just keep pushing the spacebar to reboot - or I go to my friend's house and use her WINDOWS PC!!! She never has any problems.

    Not the answer, I know. And impossible to run a business this way.

    If you are under warranty and you get the "fix" from Applecare, please post it here for the rest of us. This has been really frustrating and Applecare told me that she had never heard of the problem, but if I wanted to pay $49.99 for 30 days of phone help...
    If you could post, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    having exactly the same problem here, and YES - it is annoying! i have to treat my iMac G5 with kid gloves with one eye on the CPU temperature to prevent it overheating and going to sleep.

    It seems to sleep around the 80-82 degrees C mark.

    It only started happening about three weeks ago. I maxxed my RAM out to 2Gb recently but that is not the issue as it also overheats with the original 512Mb stick.

    I also had my power supply replaced on the repair extension scheme..

    Did any of the posters here have any success with the cleaning out of the system fans?
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    To The Apple Discussion Boards!

    "I also had my power supply replaced on the repair extension scheme"

    Then you need to contact Apple again & advise them your issue has not been resolved.
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    hi baby, thanks for the swift greet and reply..

    so it's a power supply issue still? hmm.. does that apply to us all here with this issue?

    i'm not 100% it is the power supply as the replacement solved the issue i was having with the machine powering off, randomly.. that was a year ago.. this issue has only begun recently and is slightly different.

    i may have to take it to the apple service centre, then.. that bugs as it is 90 minutes drive away and repairs can take weeks.

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    You indicated in your original post that your computer was overheating.
    +"with one eye on the CPU temperature to prevent it overheating"+

    "so it's a power supply issue still? hmm.. does that apply to us all here with this issue?"

    No one here can answer that unless they physically examined your computer.
    Since you have already been through the Apple repair plan, you need to contact Apple again. Let them advise you if it's related or not. It's better than paying out of pocket if it is.

    "i may have to take it to the apple service centre, then.. that bugs as it is 90 minutes drive away and repairs can take weeks."

    Ask Apple if a tech can come to your home and/or request a replacement while your computer is awaiting parts/in repair shop.