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Would like to use iWeb 1.1.2 on OS 10.4.10 but need to place PayPal html codes in it as well as meta tags ...would like to make a big survey form for our clients..I also have some pages in .htm and .html, need to make each page as it was...can this be done?

Can this be done and how...I do not want to go to 10.5 as I want to keep classic on my pre intel mini
  • joshz Level 4 Level 4
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    For your needs, it would be best to upgrade to iLife '08.
    It includes an 'html widget' function.
    You can manually edit the code after you publish, but it needs to be redone each time you republish the site in iWeb '06.

    Good luck!
  • dmfett Level 1 Level 1
    Can't as I need to keep my pre-intel mini in OS 10.4.10 for the use of classic...

    Is there any way to edit html on 1.1.2?
  • QuickTimeKirk Level 9 Level 9
    iWeb doesn't generate any html code until your page(s) is "Published".
    You need only open these new html files with any "plain text" editors to add additional page code and then save the file.
    I add code using copy/paste and TextEdit. Works great but sometime you'll need to add the extra code again if your edit in iWeb and republish the page.
  • joshz Level 4 Level 4
    iLife '08 is compatible with tiger, and you don't need to upgrade to leopard.

    Good luck!
  • dmfett Level 1 Level 1
    At last a smart person to the rescue! Thank you for your help!

    I have never used iWeb 1.1.2 so this is what I do: (correct me if needed)

    1. Make a page
    2. My old Claris Home Page 3.0 made a page, I saved them and I made a folder and placed all web pages and files in this folder including all jpg, tiffs and .htm and .html pages in this file. So I can do this with iWeb 1.1.2 maker a file to keep all in one place?

    Question????? How will iWeb save a page .htm or .html I need to save pages both ways as my page has both at this time and I do not want to change them...

    3. I save it then place it in the file I made for web Pages (like said above) iWeb call this publishing a web page right? I do not want to send it to my web page server just yet but just store it on the desk top till I up load the pages when ready and files by way of FTP using FETCH.

    4. Once stored in the web page file I made on desk top...I open the program TextEdit (never used this program before) on my mac and open the file and it should open the html code on what ever page I open I made in iWeb.

    5. I can save this file for future use if I want to edit html again...then I copy the new changes...then paist it in the iWeb html code with the additional new html changes (PayPal codes)...

    One problem...not sure I know how to do step 5 as how do I place the new code in the web page made in iWeb?

    I was going to get iLife 08 but love the last version of iMovie and do not want to loose the things I have loved to use in addition I have many projects thet will not move over to the new iMovie 08 as told...is iLife worth the $$$ for just using the new version of iWeb? I only use iMovie and maybe now iWeb...

    Hope this is clear and if not please correct me as I am happy to see if I can use this iWeb for the first time!

    One final question...is iWeb 1.1.2 the latest version I can get for free before going to ilife 08?