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  • razizle Level 1 Level 1
    Can you get Crossover FREE???

  • PDXBlues Level 1 Level 1
    First of all, thx much for the post. I am stuck early on in the process. when i goto the Windows Download Center I get the dreaded Genuine Advantage message. I am trying to download mp71.exe, is that the correct file.
  • Darn those intels! Level 1 Level 1
    Great! Now just find a solution that works for those of us who DON'T have an Intel-based Mac.

    There's got to be a way to do this. C'mon guys!
  • sabato Level 1 Level 1
    Hi everyone,

    It seems that currently Live Footy is also offering Mac stream option for some matches.

    You can also look for sopcast in USTREAM website

    I hope it will work good
  • johnfraser Level 1 Level 1
    hi there,
    im pretty new to macs and am after sopcast. where can i download a free version of crossover? i have only found trial versions so far which you seem to have to have a cd for. is there anyway of downloading it free? any help would be appreciated!
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    hey cheers for this topic sopcast needs to be used for macs! but i am stuck with the codec bit ive downloaded the codec like prompted but keeps saying i need a codec....any help please guys
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    i have the same problem. i keep downloading the h264 codec and trying to install it but it isnt working. any suggestions?
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    If one downloads IE 6, WMP7 and a Sopcast (still do not know what that fully is!) via Crossover on a Mac - is there any risk of getting any kind of Malware on ones Mac? (I have a Intel C2D MBP wit Tiger 10.4.11). Does one need to install any anti-virus and other protection software? I only recently recently converted to Macs and did so to get away from the risk of viruses and the like and am very concerned about messing up my mac!


  • capitalfn9 Level 1 Level 1
    anyone have an answer yet for the codec problem?
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    Running SopCast in OS X under tiger 10.4.11 (Intel) for free without CrossOver

    Very simple step by step guide (for everyone from beginner-intermediates on! Experts ignore the tedious instructions and leap ahead!!)

    Things you need:


    1) DarWine :

    2) Old Version of Windows SopCast 1.1.2 : (try mirror 2)

    3) MPlayer for OS X :

    4) X11 from Apple Install Discs that came with your computer or version of OS X


    A) Install X11

    B) Install Darwine as per the instructions.

    C) Run Installer to install SopCast 1.1.2

    D) Install MPLayer: Choose Preferences, under miscellaneous, click use cache

    E) Double click on Sopcast.exe installed in wine folder C_Drive subfolder sopcast

    F) Leave Sopcast Login as anonymous, click login

    G) From X11 terminal (xterm), type command: top

    H) Look for PID of winehelper

    e.g. 775 WineHelper 0.0% 0:0:43.23 5 etc etc etc. Thus, 775 is the PID of winehelper

    I) Ctrl C to end top function in Xterm and exit screen

    J) in xterm type: kill -9 (PID of winehelper) e.g. if PID = 775 - so comand is kill -9 775

    K) Enter into sopcast address bar the sopcast address you want, e.g. sop:// then click on big blue button with right arrow, a non-working viewer should slide out

    L) Launch MPlayer: Select open location: enter mms:// (if 8902 doesn't work, try 8903 or 8912) Be patient, the caching could take a minute or so.

    THAT'S IT! Enjoy!

    For those who are interested - winehelper if left to run, in conjunction with sopcast, starts to eat up up to 99.7% of CPU resources and video stops working after about two minutes, hence the need to kill winehelper. I have yet to figure out how to launch a .exe without launching winehelper in Darwine. Anyone who knows the answer to this, I would be most interested.
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    i tried the steps that you laid out but when i type mms:// into mplayer it just sits there. it doesn't give me any indication that it is caching or anything. could i be doing something wrong?
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    Hi, try 8903 then 8912. Basically, the progress bar in MPlayer should not be static or blank but should sort of "rotate" or "scroll" it should fill up looking something like ///////////////////, whilst caching, then when video starts starts, it goes back to blank. Try this sopcast link, it definitely works in the UK,


    If 8902, 8903, 8912 do not work, and the progress bar stays blank, then the link you are trying is broken. To check, you can repeat the exercise using VLC instead. VLC gives far better error messages and will tell you if the link is broken or not. However, the problem is that VLC works very poorly with SopCast in the configuration that I have laid out. I've tried them all, QuickTime with Flip4MacWMV, VLC, and so far only MPlayer gives acceptable and consistent video with audio with a MMS stream.
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    Recording A Sopcast Stream in OS X

    If you have set up SopCast and have it running successfully as per my previous instructions, and want to record a stream, I have found a way! It's not perfect, because I seem not to be able to record and watch at the same time but the recording does work.

    Do the Open Location command as previously

    Then, to record instead of watch, go to MPLayer preferences. Under miscellaneous, there is the option "advanced setting". Click that and enter into the box the following:

    -dumpstream mms:// (or 8903 or 8912, depending on the stream).

    Click OK and mplayer should restart, and appear like it is "frozen". In truth, it appears that GUI part of mplayer has crashed.


    ...this should create a file, on the top level of your hard drive directory usually Macintosh HD, called stream.dump. This shows that the stream recording is working, if you check the file size periodically, you will notice that it is growing.

    To stop the stream, you will have to use the good ole xterm again.

    Execute the top command and look for the PIDs of MPlayer OS and mplayer, you only need to kill -9 the PID of mplayer (NOT MPlayer OS) and this jolts MPlayer back into working order with an abnormal termination message - this also stops the recording.

    Return to MPlayer preferences and unclick "Advanced setting"

    Then, change stream.dump to whatevernameyouwant.asf, and open the file in MPlayer, Quicktime with Flip4MacWMV or VLC - You are now watching your recorded stream! Enjoy!
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    Hi POng,

    first of all, nice one for the step-by-step guide - great work there!

    i just can not get past the part saying use Installer to install Sopcast.exe.

    I would really appreciate any help,

    once again, thanks,

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    where can I download the crossover software? Anyone? Please. Thanks