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Jim Little Level 2 (185 points)
I have three short (apx 1 cm) horizontal lines across the middle of my iPhone screen. These lines are perfectly horizontal. There is no visible crack in the glass, and no scratch on the glass surface. I use an Invisible Shield screen protector, which is also unscratched (and just about impossible to scratch). My iPhone has been in a case most of its life, and never dropped on the screen or been crushed.

These do NOT appear to me to be "stuck pixels". If you gently rotate the iPhone up and down on the vertical axis, these lines appear to vary in brightness. They are perfectly horizontal, and exactly 1 pixel tall. It almost appears to be more of an optical effect in the glass (or maybe the touch screen), rather than a pixel that is either stuck on or off. If they are stuck pixels, then maybe something about the glass/touch screen cause the pixels to appear to vary in brightness as you rotate the screen? Odd...

Has anyone else noted this type of effect? Anyone had their iPhone replaced because of it?


MacBook 13" 2.16 gHz, Mac OS X (10.4.10), iPhone 8GB