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I have three short (apx 1 cm) horizontal lines across the middle of my iPhone screen. These lines are perfectly horizontal. There is no visible crack in the glass, and no scratch on the glass surface. I use an Invisible Shield screen protector, which is also unscratched (and just about impossible to scratch). My iPhone has been in a case most of its life, and never dropped on the screen or been crushed.

These do NOT appear to me to be "stuck pixels". If you gently rotate the iPhone up and down on the vertical axis, these lines appear to vary in brightness. They are perfectly horizontal, and exactly 1 pixel tall. It almost appears to be more of an optical effect in the glass (or maybe the touch screen), rather than a pixel that is either stuck on or off. If they are stuck pixels, then maybe something about the glass/touch screen cause the pixels to appear to vary in brightness as you rotate the screen? Odd...

Has anyone else noted this type of effect? Anyone had their iPhone replaced because of it?


MacBook 13" 2.16 gHz, Mac OS X (10.4.10), iPhone 8GB
  • Jason L Community Specialists Community Specialists (11,115 points)
    Hey Jim,

    It sounds like the iPhone needs hardware repair.

    If you have an Apple retail store near you make a reservation online here.

    If not call AppleCare to to have the iPhone repaired or replaced by mail.

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    I am experiencing the same problem with my iPhone screen, and I am also a user of the invisible shield. Which leads me to believe that it is not the screen of the pho e but the protective layer over the screen that causes these lines. However I do not want to remove my shield in fear that I might scratch my screen!
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    Problem solved! I took my phone in to the Apple Store. The tech gave me the classic "I'm going to have to remove the screen protector to diagnose this". I thought to myself "there is no way the screen protector is causing this, but cest la vie" and pulled it off. And SURPRISE! It WAS the screen protector. I'm using an invisible shield. Been using their screen protectors for YEARS and never saw anything like this. At MacWorld I asked one of their reps, and they said the sometimes get defective batch that has some minor imperfections like this. They were happy to replace it for me.