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I have a MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo.

I turned on my computer today and I just woke up so I thought it was too bright. It just started and I pressed the darken button and then a globe came in the middle of the white screen. Then it started flashing. I didn't know what it was and what it meant so I turned off my computer and then back on again hoping it would be fine, which it was. So I looked at the User Manual and online to see what the globe was, but there's nothing about it. I could only find information about the question mark at startup, which I had to worry about last year (long story).

If you happen to know what the Earth/globe image signifies, please reply to this post and help me out.

Thank you!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 15" Intel Core Duo
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    The globe means that the computer is looking for a startup disk on the network.

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    The globe means that your Mac was trying to boot for a network startup disk which is enabled when the "N" key is pressed during the boot up process. Maybe you hit that key by accident?

    Hope that helps.
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    What do I do about the flashing globe? Did I mess anything up?
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    Turn on your machine and hold the Option key down. This should allow you to then select the HD to boot from, if the HD is working and has a bootable system on it. If the HD shows up, select it and hit the arrow ,it should then boot from the HD. After that, check your System Preferences, Startup Disk, and make sure the HD is selected as the startup volume, and not Network. Hope that works for you.
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    The last couple days, I have notice when I turn my computer on, I would get the normal apple icon, followed by the operating software start up then a blanked blue screen for couple minutes, then I rebooted it would do the same or start up fine. Now, I just noticed that when I turn it on, I get a blue screen then followed by a white screen that appears with a flashing globe icon for 10-20s then followed by the typical apple icon then the operating software start up then followed by a blank blue screen. Then, I reboot my laptop, I still get the flashing globe and then everything else and it takes couple minutes to fully started up. How would I fix this issue?

    I am concern that am going to have problems. Since last year, I had a problem with my laptop with the flashing question mark and just a blue screen.. Took it to the apple store.. find out my hard drive crashed and I lost all my data. .
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    Ok. I fix the settings in the system preferences folder-Start Up Disk. Then, I rebooted my computer. The globe icon didnt show up. The apple icon show up, then the OS X software icon shows up. Then it goes to a blinking blue screen and then after 45 s then it came up with a DOS screen quickly then it went back to the blue screen for couple minutes. Then I rebooted again.. it did the same thing this time without the DOS screen couple times. Then after 4 reboots it started up fine.

    Is there something with my starting up disk? What can I do to fix it?

    Thank you for your help.