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I have an airport extreme and have been using it purely for AirTunes for more than a year. I updated to Leopard weeks ago without it causing any trouble. A few days ago, I tried accessing the airport utility, which caused the AE to fail.

The following steps have been repeated several times - both through wireless and direct cable connection - please read these before saying, "make sure your wep pw is correct".

- paperclip the AE box, reset to factory defaults.
- run Airport Utility on Mac, naked base station discovered. (firmware 6.3)
- continue
- 'connect to current wireless' -> continue
- 'join my wireless network' -> continue

- network name: wait for refresh then select my network
The wireless security option comes up only as 128bit, my Netgear router says my security is 64bit - I do not see a 64bit option in the drop-down, so I guess 128 is what it wants to work with.
- I enter the router wep pw, and verify it, and have verified I'm using the right pw repeatedly directly on the router.
- base station name: media room -> continue
- I enter my desired base station pw and verify it -> continue
- all the above settings are confirmed, I hit "Update"

The Airport Utility then gives me "Writing information" and then "Waiting for base station to restart"

This will eventually time out, at one point I gave the station 3 hours to restart.
Once the the software or I give up, the AE box cannot be found with the utility. Not even plugging directly into it, will it make itself known. I'm left with a flashing orange light.
If I unplug and replug the AE box, eventually I'll wind up at flashing orange again, I can find no remedy except to start all over again.

Is this a dead box? I would suspect it's upset with my network somehow, but this was working perfectly 4 days ago, and nothing on my network has changed.

PBG4, Mac OS X (10.5.1)