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Has anyone ever made two column, movie style end credits (where the left column is justified right, and the right column is justified left, with a small amount of black in between) using Motion or Final Cut? I've been trying to do it in FCP but the two columns just won't stay lined up no matter what I do, even using Boris text.

Is there any built in way to do this with Motion, or what program would be best to use for this? I have After Effects, but have no idea how to use it, so I was hoping to find a FCP or Motion solution. I'd be open to using AE if it's simple to do, I just need a quick explanation!

Thanks for your help! I'm using Final Cut Studio 2.

Mac Pro Intel Quad Core, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Final Cut Studio 2
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    Answered in your other thread. It's best to keep only one thread going on this topic so that you don't get answers in two separate locations.
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    Sounds good, I'll just close this one down and reply in the other one....
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    I made just this in Motion the other day. I couldnt remember/find the "*" trick to separate out columns so built it with two text layers and a text scroll behaviour on each. The animation was about 1 minute long. I imported the m3 project into fcp but it took over 1/2 to render. When exporting as a final movie it would be fine until it got to the credits bit and would virtually halt.

    I tried dropping the Motion file into Compressor to export ( so that I could use the multicore functionality of QMaster) but that produced a file with massive errors in it. So eventaully I had to sit and wait for motion to export normally and then import the movie into FCP. I'm not sure why a simple scroll should be so labour intensive for Motion?

  • Patrick Sheffield Level 7 Level 7 (29,175 points)
    I believe it's directly related to how Motion 3 handles text - each individual character is a full object, so the more characters there are, the more resources required, the longer it takes...


  • Adam Scoffield Level 4 Level 4 (2,890 points)
    thanks Patrick, that makes sense. Now wouldnt it be cool if could drag a Pages document into Motion...

  • Peter Wiggins Level 4 Level 4 (1,140 points)
    Make a PDF then you can

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    but then thats just dragging a pdf, not what I asked for at all, really peter you've got to read the questions more carefully. next you'll be saying you started this thread!

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    I think its getting to the point where all the Cocoa apps that use an inspector, media tab etc like Pages, Numbers, Keynote etc are all starting to cross over each other. I would imagine that they share some of the code between them as they are so similar. Hopefully some 'interoperability' could extended into Motion.

    Wouldn't it be good for example if Adam could import his text or edit Motion text in Pages. Motion hasn't got any word processing abilities like spell check etc.

    Also very handy would be the feature to use Keynote graphs/charts within Motion and again edit the data within Keynote. Especially handy would be triggering the quicktime sprite track in FCP.

    Oh well it will have to be two more clicks for the time being