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Well, my iPhone was fine till this morning, I noticed that it wasn't going anywhere and the battery was really low I plug it in the charger but instead get any charge the phone gets soo hot and is draining the charge that is left, ( this is in the power charger not from my computer ) does anyone had this problem before?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    It gets a little warm when recharging a really low battery. This is normal. However, if it's really hot, the phone is stuck in some sort of process, sucking power and running down the battery, which then gets too hot for comfort. To fix this, reboot the phone by holding down both the home and power buttons for a few seconds, 10 to 15 secs, until the white apple logo appears, then release. Put the phone down on a surface to help cool and it should be good in a few minutes. Do this anytime the phone seems to be warmer than usual. I hope this helps.
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    I've having my iPhone for more than 4 month and never happened nothing like it, till yesterday and I reboot it like couple times and still and the battery when all the way down to 0, so I decided to plug it to iTunes and seen like charge better without overheating and I restored the phone to the original setting like new trough iTunes, and I left it charging in the power like like every night, and this morning the charge was completed but the iPhone still really hot, but I hope is for the reason the you said that the phone gets really hot when charge a empty battery.
    Thank you.
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    Were you charging it inside a case? If so what kind of case?

    Many cases will insulate the iPhone and prevent it from cooling normally, especially during heavy use or charging.

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
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    I don't use any kind of case, I charge it in the dock that comes with the phone! I'm so worry now, still doing it!
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    While it may get warm during charging, if you are concerned about it being too warm, I would recommend making an appointment at the Genius Bar at an Apple Retail Store if there is one near you.

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
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    If your phone is still getting hot and battery draining what seems quickly.

    Mind doing me a favor. Go to Settings. Then Usage. At the bottom note the Send/Received size amounts.

    Check again in about 20 mins. And jot down those values. Then post them back here.

    Note this is if you are NOT using WiFi currently and only using Edge.

    I suspect a process is running (stuck) in the background and is constantly processing (odds are a stuck email check, some web page previous browsed to...who knows really). If this is the case, then your numbers will be jumping up on data transfer as it stuck in a loop trying to do something (others have seen this).

    Now you can also just skip all that and just do a true reboot and see if the probem goes away over the next day.

    A reset/reboot is:

    Go to Home Screen
    Press and Hold Home Button
    Keep holding and press and hold Lock Button
    Keep holding Both
    You will see Slide to Turn Off (Don't let go to slide, just keep holding)
    The phone will turn off (in time, but screen will look like it has some white lines)
    Keep Holding
    When you see the Apple Logo, you can let go.

    Turning off via the Slide to Turn off while good and fine to turn off, is more like the Sleep Mode on a computer. Thus any locked up issues in memory remain when you turn back on. A reboot as described is like doing a real Turn off and Turn On on a computer.

    I feel a reboot will fix your problem (if not a hardware issue, which if it is, they will replace the phone).
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    Thanks all for you help, but look like this was a real problem, because a took my phone to the Genius Bar at the apple store neither they knew what was wrong, so they give me another phone.
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    I had the same problem. The Genius's gave me another phone also. They said they have seen a couple like that.
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    Indeed it can be a physical issue with the iPhone, but it is also good to try and eliminate other possibilities.

    Thank you for letting us no how your issue was resolved,

    Nathan C.