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Curious as to what others have experienced in the following situation.

Have a browser open on your machine, with a number of pages open. Put your laptop to sleep (normal, default, out of the box, sleep, NOT hibernate). Put it in a bag, under your arm, wherever. Walk through some public wifi, especially one that has a sign-in or login page, with the machine still sleeping.

While still closed and supposedly asleep, my machine will actually see the wireless network, and the login in screen will be on the browser pages when I wake the machine!

Similarly, I've put my machine in my backback and when I take it out it is extremely hot, and the battery is rundown, even though it had been put to sleep fully charged.

It's as though my machine is only partially asleep.

This is one of the reasons I've opted to use the Hibernate system preference, to force my machine to go into a deeper sleep. When I do this, it never has the above problems, not surprising.

And please don't be too quick to jump on the "you must be a new user and don't know what you're doing". I was an SE for Apple for almost 10 years, and have had one of almost every family of apple laptops since they were first introduced. So, I'm not exactly a newbie.

MBP 17 2.16, Mac OS X (10.5), another victim of keyboard freezing
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    Hi there,

    I too have encountered this problem with my brand new MacBook Pro that I purchased just a couple of weeks ago. In fact, when I start up the computer from a sleep...it often has a frozen cursor or mouse pointer. Nothing I do will make it work unless I do a hard reboot.

    I too am not a a newbie to Macs. It's very strange. I might have to take this to the Genius Bar at my local store if nobody can help me out here.
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    I haven't seen any posts on this in a while, but there were some people whose MBPs were behaving this way. Either they were waking due to the trackpad somehow sensing a touch, or the latch was triggering improperly.

    One solution people found was to manually edit a setting so that the MBP only woke when a key was pressed. (Sorry, I don't remember details -- if you can't find it let me know.) Since I stopped seeing those posts, I supposed the issue was fixed in some update, but perhaps not...

    The only other thing I can think of is that "Wake for bluetooth" thing which seems to be on by default. Maybe someone's got an unpaired PDA with a heck of a transmitter going...
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    I'm having the same problem with my MBP waking up in my briefcase. I'll find it fiery hot and awake, or with the battery completely drained.

    If you have any details on making sure the MBP only wakes up when a key's pressed, that would be very helpful!

    Also, does anyone know how to make the computer "hibernate"?

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    To force my machine to hibernate, rather than sleep, I've used this:


    It's a Preference Pane that allows a user to choose to have the machine sleep, sleep and hibernate, or hibernate.

    It's embarrassing to say that I don't understand the middle option, "sleep and hibernate". If I understand the others correctly, "sleep" is what we get with a mac "out of the box". You close the lid, or choose "sleep" from the Apple menu, and the machine goes to sleep. Still consumes power, and comes on virtually instantly if it's a notebook and opened, or a desktop and the keyboard is touched.

    Hibernate, on the other hand, writes an image of the current state of RAM to the hard drive. When a laptop is opened, nothing happens until the power key is hit. Then, a greyscale image of the previous system occurs (what all windows were open, where they were, etc.), and a progress bar, of sorts, shows the state of the system being restored from the image on disk. Not instantaneous but quicker than a cold start, and you are able to resume where you were. It uses virtually no power, and I've never had it "wake up" inadvertently. It really is the only way I'm comfortable having my machine in a bag on a plane, given how hot it's gotten when having been put to sleep.

    This capability is available to all Intel laptops - there are some issues with older machines, but given that you have an MBP, it should be fine.

    The only reason I'd gone back to using traditional "sleep", was that when I first installed Leopard, and attempted to wake up my machine that was hibernating, I had a couple of system crashes. I changed the setting to sleep, and removed the Hibernate Pref Pane. But after a few hot sleeps, I've gone back to it, and have not had any problems.
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    The sleep problem(s) has(have) been widely discussed on this forum. Try searching on the topic. I've experienced this problem at times. I also have trouble sometime waking from sleep. Some have said its related to a USB device hooked-up before sleep and waking from sleep. Others have said to reset the pmc. (disconnect all power and batteries, wait 2 minutes, then hold down the on/off key for 5 seconds, then replace power sources and reboot.) I have not heard if this solves the problem. I still have problems at times waking from sleep.