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Just bought a Focusrite Saffire. Big mistake. After reading the manual and hooking everything up as stated, nothing works right. First of all, no monitoring through headphones when recording on GB3. Had everything hooked up per manual. Doesn't work. Any solutions or thoughts?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    since i don't have the manual, how is everything hooked up?

    what have you done/changed/set in GB?
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    The hardware is a simple hook-up. Plugged in my powered speakers to the Saffire interface speaker outputs, and plugged the Saffire Firewire connection to the Firewire connection on my iMac.

    I'm new to digital recording and thought I could just hook up the hardware and use it in conjunction with GB without loading additional software. Focusrite evidently requires you to load the software that comes with the Saffire. I did that and tried using the headphone out on the Saffire software mixer. No workum. Also tried to just use the headphone output on the Saffire interface. Still no workum. I could get playback through my studio monitors, just couldn't monitor it through the headphones.

    The only other thing I did was to open "Preferences" under GB, and click on "Audio/MIDI" then change the audio input and output to "Saffire 2301" - which appeared after I loaded the software. When neither of those worked, I went back to the other selections that appeared on the "Audio/MIDI" page, which were "Built-in output & USB Audio CODEC" under the output side, and "Built-in Line Input and USB Audio CODEC" under the input side.

    I have no doubt that Focusrite makes a great product and has a good reputation. I just can't seem to get the headphones to monitor what is playing. Hope this helps explain MY problem.
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    first of the GB settings have to be for the Saffire, or you're not using it for anything (in or out).

    if the speakers plugged into it work, but the phones don't, then this is definitely a Saffire issue and I think you'll have to talk to their tech support B-(>
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    Thanks! That's a good start. Very helpful.
    However, can I use GB with Saffire hardware, or will I have to use their software with their interface?
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    i'm not very familiar with the Saffire, other than seeing some descriptions (a year or so ago), but as long as it and its drivers are compatible with Macs, as well as the version of OS you're using, it should work with GB

    IOW, if it works on a Mac as an audio interface, it will work with GB.

    actually, that's the first thing i'd check, make sure you have the latest drivers. there's a link here:

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    Problem solved. Just kept "playing around with it." Found a combination of buttons that got the headphones and studio monitors working. Maybe I should read the whole manual, eh.
    I take back every nasty thing I said about Focusrite.

    Thanks for the help with the links Hang Time. Even though some of them didn't directly answer my questions, I found the links very helpful, and, in fact, provided me good resources to solve other unrelated audio issues.
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    however you get going, as long s you do. good luck
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    Question resolved long ago.