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djarchnemesis Level 1 Level 1
anybody know how I can convert video ts file into a .mov file?

thanks for the help

regretting my quicktime pro purchase

Windows XP Pro
  • Edward A. Oates Level 5 Level 5
    You still need QuickTime Pro for a variety of conversions. You also need the mpeg2 playback component to play mpeg2 (video TS file format) files.

    But if you want to convert video TS files to general Quicktime .mov files, check out

    DVDxDV (DVDxDV Site )

    and mpegStreamclip (mpegStreamclip Site )

    They both work, though I prefer DVDxDV for video TS folders. Neither work on copy protected materials.

    Eddie O
  • Jeffery Swain Level 1 Level 1
    Have the viewer and Pro edition does not always guarantee results. I have found that QuickTime Pro, with Viewer, only plays the first 2 to 6 seconds of a DVD .vob file of a home movie (no license encryption). When telling QuickTime Pro to save a .mov, the resulting file size is similar to the .vob file, but still QuickTime only plays the first 2 to 6 seconds.

    Like you, I am beginning to regret the Pro and Viewer purchase.