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I have a USB flash memory drive and when I delete files from it for some reason the space that the file used is not freed up. For example if I delete a file that is 6MB it will still say that 6MB is in use even though I have deleted it. I exchanged the drive for a different one but I am having the same problem with the new one. Any suggestions (other than going in to disk utility every time to erase the whole thing)?

Thanks in advance!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    Are you emptying the Trash after you remove the item from the flash drive?
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    That would be the problem! haha

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    Thanks. I got this far, too. I emptied the trash and the 'get info' for a SanDisk USB flash drive shows that it is empty (249.7 MB available). When I tried to load 103 photos all at once I get the "not enough space" message. When I load the files in increments of 5-10 files it works up to a point and then I get the "not enough free space" message, when I try to load one more file. This is after I've loaded about 103 MB onto the drive. Yet, when I 'get info' on the flash drive it shows plenty of space still available.

    I have even checked the USB flash drive on a windows machine as well and it also indicates the same amount of free space.

    Any suggestions?
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    No this question was NOT answered. This problem drove me crazy until I figured out the answer. I had 2 USB flash drives and they were both behaving as described above. The 2 Gb model would only hold about 128mb of photos before it would report "not enough free space" to copy any more. I tried everything. Reformatting with MS-DOS, FAT 16, emptying the trash, repartitioning. Nothing worked until I plugged one of them into a real windoze box and formatted it with Fat-32 (win32s). Now I can copy all the files and use all the space. It is very slow, however. Thanks Apple, for finally getting to the bottom of this.