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I picked up a pair of apple pro speakers today for five dollars. I didn't realize at the time the 2.5mm jack was just that. Needless to say it didn't plug in, nor could it. I'm an audio technician by trade an decided to delve into rewiring them to work. I cut the cable to find six wires(brown, yellow, blue, white, black and red). I could clearly see the br & y went to one the bl & w to the other, the bk & r look like power but there's nothing inline after the jack the requires power nor do those run to the speakers. I had a pair of usb powered el cheapo speakers on hand, they became the donors. I pulled the i.c. amplifier from the housing and rewired the apple pro speakers to it. After a test drive and rewiring it, it worked. I cut down the original speaker housing for the amplifier, stuffed extra cable in the housing closed it up and viola. The el cheapo amplifier isn't robust enough to drive the apple pro speakers properly, but it sounds really good at low to moderate volume. So for roughly a thirteen dollar investment in both sets of speakers I have one good set and another mostly in the trash.
If you want to try this I can give more detailed info. It took me roughly an hour and simple tools.

Powermac g4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)