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  • artie-doc Level 1 (0 points)
    I AGREE with all of you Aperture enthusiasts ,it's a great program even for amateur photographers. I do wish the update to allow RAW compatability with the D3 would come ASAP. Question for the professionals:: I plan on purchasing the new Macbook Air , yet with it's small hard drive capacity(64GB solidstate) it obviously won't do well with storing my pics yet I would love to use aperture wirelessly with my what experiences have you had with using referenced files on another computer or harddrive in working with Aperture ?? Thanks for your input and any recomendations or hints how to proceed with be greatly appreciated.

  • Scott Hampton Level 2 (265 points)
    Thank you to all who have posted.

    Please do keep in mind, however, the spirit of this post. My intentions were not to ask for updates and features, but to focus on how it has made our lives easier.

    Thanks for your understanding!
  • Jamie Benaud Level 2 (235 points)
    max-pol wrote:
    renaming master images is possible, and simple:
    use the "relocate masters" command… and use the option to use a rename scheme present in that window…

    That doesn't really work. I want to have a consolidated library, and if you relocate the masters, then consolidate your library again, the master filenames revert to what they were in the first place.

    Seems that v2 does now allow renaming of masters. Hopefully my copy will arrive soon and I can get to work...
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