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I'm using the new aluminum Apple Keyboard on a Mac Pro. I'm triple booting Leopard, XP and Linux, and I'm also using other operating systems with Parallels. Some (non-OSX) applications do use the insert key (Vim, for example), and Shift+Insert is the standard way to paste the X-selection buffer on Linux. How do I get this key back? In the place where I would look for it (or at least the help key), there is just the "fn" key, which is completely useless to me, except in OS X.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Same here I use Boot camp mainly for games so need to know how to use the Insert and Scroll Lock key
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    Thanks xnav,

    this article shows two possible locations for the insert key (on an external keyboard):

    1) the "help" key between backspace and delete - but this key has been replaced with "fn" on the new aluminum keyboard

    2) the 0 key on the numeric keypad - which only works when NumLock is turned off. Better than nothing, but not really practical (especially for gamers).

    Is this really our only option?
    No numeric keypad or no insert key?

    Maybe DoubleCommand can do something to help here, when they finally release a version for Leopard.
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    Try Fn + m - worked for me using Parallels.
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    Hello Greg.

    The only time I need the insert key is when I am on VNC (RealVNC Enterprise Edition Viewer). But, when I want to do a Shift-Insert, and try pressing "Shift-Fn+M", What I get is a "0 (zero)". Can you please tell me what OS are you using, and have you any experience with using the MacBook Pro with VNC and using shift insert as you would expect it to work?

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    I loaned the keyboard (Ultra–thin USB) to a PC user and she loved it as a quieter alternative during meetings until somehow got stuck in the Overstrike (OVR) mode. It turns out that even without Boot Camp's Apple Keyboard Support driver the Clear key still toggles Num Lock off to enable the numeric keypad's zero key as an Insert/OVR toggle.
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    Try the "fn + Enter" key. That works for me on my MBP.
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    Hey y'all. I have the external Aluminum Apple Wired Keyboard while running Vista by way of Boot Camp.

    In Microsoft Project the 'INS' is "Shift-0(on keypad)" with the 'num lock' on.
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    I do not have Boot Camp, and when I try to take number lock off by pressing the clear key, I just hear a sound like when you make a mistake. When I try fn + enter, it will not work either. The support page only discusses if you have Boot Camp. What about us who do not run XP or Vista, but still need the insert function?
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    The "fn key" action seems to be hard-wired and totally inflexible. The Apple (aluminum) keyboard is a beautiful piece of hardware that functions perfectly (out of the box) in the Windows/Linux/Mac OS X environments (Windows & Linux running under virtualization), except for the missing "insert key" functionality.

    Apple: Please allow the user to configure the action performed by the "fn" key so that it will act as the "insert" key, which is the expected behavior on standard keyboards.

    Please also consider allowing the user to assign the "fn" action to ANOTHER key (for instance, "f19") so that (if so desired) Apple's "fn" action will still be available when using the keyboard on Mac OS X.

    Thank you.
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    I take it you are having problems with the Alloy WIRELESS keyboard for which some reason Apple has determined doesn't need the numbers key pad (Well actually just a Macbook Keyboard in a pretty wrapper!)

    If you are using this keyboard under differing OSes and you need the insert key function surely its the Vendors/Contributors to those OSes responsibility to provide the ability to remap keys.

    You know OSx has it built in!
    Windows doesn't but there are remapping programs readily available to download.
    Linux distro's will almost certainly have the function as well but will need to be researched to see if its been compiled for your chosen distro or just source code.
    Next find if its in a repository where and if its .deb/.rpm wrapper etc...
    Downloaded/installed visit to terminal - Enter strings of code (No Built in installer programs)- Use Linux and open source you know the drill
    A thousand differing flavors no simple installer and major compatibility issues is the reason Linux remains where it is distinctly third place other than on servers and where very specialist computing is necessary
  • Keith Doherty3 Level 4 (1,795 points)
    by the way the fn key only modifies the function key row and can be switched off by clicking on the Use all F1.......... in System Preferences/Keyboard and Mouse/Keyboard tab !