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Roger Barton Level 2 Level 2
Hope someone can help. I just bought 3 iphones for my wife and two kids for Christmas. Broke down for various reasons and gave the phones to them last week. My son was with two friends playing around with his phone and he changed the password/code (four digit code that locks the phone) so his friends couldn't use it. This morning he forgot what the code was he put in and now the phone is locked. Here is the tough part - we live in Tulsa, OK where the ice storm has hit and we have no power in our house. We went to the Apple store and the ATT store where we purchased the phones and they said that the only way to 'unlock' the phone is to do a restore on the computer that I initally registered the phone on with iTunes. Of course, that computer is my G5 that has no electricity to it right now. It could be a week or more before we get any electricity.

Any other possible ideas on how to unlock the phone. My son has tried around 4-5 times to enter the four digit number (which he forgot) and has had no success and now the phone won't let him enter any more numbers and says to link with iTunes.

It serves him right to have to wait until we get our electric back but his is really bummed. Any way to do it without my computer? If not, when we get electricity back, will a restore work and unlock his phone?

Thanks in advance for any info or suggestions. Freezing at home, typing this from the office.......

G5 Dual 2.0, Mac OS X (10.5.1), ACD 23"/Lacie Ext Hard Drive 500G/HP Color Laser Jet 2550L/5th Gen 60G ipod
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    Do a restore in iTunes
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    The only way to remove the lock code on the iphone is to connect it up to the original computer you sync it with. If it will not automatically unlock then you would need to restore the iphone. You can restore the iphone on any computer that has itunes 7.4 or later. However, if it is any other computer that you normally sync with, the information you have on the iphone will be removed from the iphone. But when you connect it back to your computer, you can sync the information back onto the iphone.
    Here is an article from the apple support website that might help out.

    Now if is the sim pin that was locked, you only have 3 chances to guess at the sim pin.
    If the 3 tries are taken up, then the sim is locked and you will need to go to an att store for another sim. Then connect the iphone to the computer and let the sim activate.
    Here is an article from the apple support web site about the sim pin.

    Hope this helps.
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    take your g5 to work.
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    Thanks so much Damon. I think it is just the 4 digit lock that only allows emergency calls to be made but nothing else. The message on the phone says iPhone is locked, connect to itunes. So hopefully when we get our power back on I can hook the phone up and it will unlock. If not, I can always restore. I'm just too lazy to schlep my G5 to work to unlock the phone. Thanks so much for the info! Now if we can just get our electricity back (96 hours and counting......)