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Todd Arey Level 1 (5 points)
I have recently aquired a 128MB flash drive and want to use it to transfer files between my Mac and my PC. I got it to work once, but now my Mac won't recognize the drive and in some cases won't boot properly if it is plugged in. I have a G3 B&W running OS v9.2.2 and a Compaq Presario 1700 laptop running XP SP2. Anyone have any ideas? thoughts? recomendations?
  • eww Level 9 (52,980 points)
    Hi, Todd. If the Windoze laptop can still see the flash drive, I'd suggest reformatting it in that computer, then testing it again on the Mac.

    I wouldn't be too concerned if the Mac won't boot with the flash drive plugged in; that's a relatively commonplace problem with USB devices, and the solution is not to have them plugged in when you start up. That should be no inconvenience for you with a flash drive, though it can be a real drag with some other kinds of devices.

    Make sure the File Exchange control panel and the Foreign File Access extension are not disabled [check Control Panels (Disabled) and Extensions (Disabled) for them, and if you find them there, move them into the Control Panels and Extensions folders respectively].
  • Todd Arey Level 1 (5 points)
    Thanks for the reply. I did what you suggested, however that didn't seem to work. It still won't recognize the drive. When I plug it in, the drive light flashes several time and that's about it. Any other suggestions!?!
  • Ron JACKLE Level 7 (33,445 points)
    Todd Arey...

    I recomend to first try and format the FD to PC DOS from the Mac. This should help in properly setting up the FD to store data in the format the Mac can read properly. If this doesn't smooth things out, not much can be done usint it.

    Now it is possible to network things together should you be Ethernet ready. I have a small area reserved for that on my iMac for that purpose with my brother.

    Good Luck! ...Ron
  • Thomas Bryant Level 6 (13,865 points)
    Hello! Just a couple of thoughts....if the flash was formatted as a ntfs file system in the pc the Mac won't see it. It has to be fat32. Tom
  • Todd Arey Level 1 (5 points)
    Thanks Ron and Thomas! I have reformatted the FD. The only two choices I have on the PC are FAT and FAT32. I have tried both and neither are recognized by my Mac.

    To Ron's suggestion: The only way my Mac will recognize the FD is if I have booted from my OS 9.0 CD. (that in itself is a mystery) It recognizes the FD, doesn't like it, and asks if I want to initialize the drive. The only two choices I have there are Mac OS Standard and Mac OS Extended. I don't have the choice of PC DOS. But I know I have seen that choice before. Maybe in OS 8.X?

    I did note something very interesting though. After I formatted the drive FAT32 on the PC, I tried it in my Mac. The lights flashed a bit, then nothing. When I plugged it back into the PC, it had two hidden Mac files and a hidden Mac folder. I didn't think anything of it until just now. Maybe my Mac is seeing the FD its just not displaying it on the desktop. That sounds dumb!

    Am I at the end of the line for trying to make this work?