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GizaDog Level 1 Level 1
I purchased a 17" Powerbook from Apple a little less then 2 years ago. After 1 and a half years vertical lines started appearing. A few months later a 1+ inch white strip appeared right in the middle of the screen. I've talked with Apple about this issue and they have decided to ignore totally and leave it up to me to fork out dough to fix a well known problem.

I encourage others to call Apple to report the same problem if you have the same problem with yours. Maybe we can get Apple to recognize the problem and keep us and loyal customers!

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.1), Vertical Line and White Strip
  • GizaDog Level 1 Level 1
    I guess I'll post a reply to my own post.

    Notes from another post:

    *Apple has had in place numerous repair extension programs that repair defective machines for free whether they're in warranty or not.*

    When Apple receives these reports, they carefully document each incident until they have enough information to begin resolving the issue.

    The key here is to give Apple time to resolve the problem. If you live near an Apple Store, I bet the Mac Geniuses and the managers there will be very helpful and understanding.

    *The idea is to realize these forum posts are for USER to USER ONLY. Apple will not monitor these forums to see a problem like this. We need to call Apple and make visits to the Genius bar in order to help Apple realize there is a problem with these defective 17" Powerbooks LCD screens.*
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    Ok! I'll add one more reply.

    Dell has had a simular problem with thier 17" LCD's on laptops and wrote this.

    *+"So what are we doing with customers who are affected with this specific issue? The same thing we've done with affected 17” displays: We will replace any LCD that develops a vertical line associated with this specific issue within three years of purchase, at no charge for parts and labor. Also, Dell will offer refunds to customers who paid Dell to replace LCDs affected by this issue."+*

    *Talk about taking care of your customers. WOW!!*
  • GizaDog Level 1 Level 1
    I found a video from CBS ConsumerWatch in San Fran. Apple ended up fixing her laptop for free after this ran! Come on people give Apple a call about this. Make a RANT! Apple contact: 800-767-2775.
  • GizaDog Level 1 Level 1
    Guess what people I got Apple to relent on this issue with my PB 17". After many phone calls to customer service and pointing them to this forum they comprised with me on my issue.

    I'll pay them $227 or AppleCare to fix any issue with it and got them to cover it for 1 year. They sent me the shipping box the next day that allowed me to send it in for repair with all shipping paid for.

    I suggest you keep calling Apple Customer Care about your issue. Be nice to the people you talk with and you'll reach someone that will want to make things right. It pays to be persistent.

    Good Luck!
  • jonbiddell Level 1 Level 1
    HA !! All I can say, my friend, is you were **** lucky, and Iwonder if the CSA got fired for accepting it ??

    I have the exact same problem as everyone else here, and tried to get Apple Australia to admit that it was a problem. Not only wouldn't their "director of customer service" admit that it was a problem, she said that I would have to pay for the repair.

    When I mentioned the resolution you achieved, she indicated that there was NO WAY that would happen, no matter how much business I threatened to take off her.

    Certainly does leave a bitter taste in one's mouth, doesn't it...
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    I too no join the sorry ranks of duff Apple PowerBook 17" laptops... started with one cyan vertical line on the right hand side of the screen, now another has developed on the left... can't wait for the third on to come... smack bang in the middle knowing my luck.

    How much does it cost to repair this, do you think?
  • Sherry Cabral Level 1 Level 1
    I bought my 17" Powerbook around the same time as you, and am now experiencing the exact same vertical white line, only mine is on the left side of the screen instead of the middle. Can you tell me how they fix this well known problem?
  • Sherry Cabral Level 1 Level 1
    I have spoken to an Apple product specialist. She has informed me that Apple has no policy in place to resolve this issue at this time. I was given the option of paying 349.95 with tax for labor and parts to repair. They will ship me a box tomorrow for sending my laptop back to them. I'm told it should be repaired within 5 days of receipt. They will warranty the repair for 90 days.
  • CFrancisco Level 1 Level 1
    Well i just got this exact same issue. Same beginning serial numbers, PB 17".

    Just got off the phone with apple and sadly they said they don't have an extended program for this issue and i would have to pay for it myself.

    Truly sad, every time i open my computer i get depressed. I've kept my PB very clean, used a different keyboard it's absolutely mint. It could pass off as brand new and now i have some ugly white lines....ugh!

    I ran it through Tech Tools Pro, and its definitively NOT a hardware issue :/
    Someone help!
  • CFrancisco Level 1 Level 1
    Here is my defective 17" Powerbook
  • passingglow Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem. Half of the monitor is now unusable due to vertical lines and a white strip (on the right side) which began to appear just under two years after I bought it...This has turned out to be a very foolish investment indeed if Mac don't accept responsibility and launch a repair programme for its customers. I used my Mac for making music, but can never relax now thinking that another third of the screen may disappear any minute. I didn't buy Applecare because I thought unless I dropped the thing, a Mac would surely give few major problems. Doh.

    Stunning as they are, with this performance and lack of any obvious support, it'd be hard to recommend buying one to a friend.

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    I have the vertical line problem on my G4-17" laptop. Any laptop with the Serial number starting with W84 is susceptible to this problem. As an engineer who has repaired computers for a long time I troubleshot the problem down to the cables that go from the motherboard to the LCD. It will not show up on any hardware troubleshooting program.

    I fixed mine by buying new cables but those are not cheap as many people have the problem.
  • kromey Level 1 Level 1
    try having to use the computer for graphic design & visual communications.

    i went to the genius bar in soho today and was quoted approx $300 for the repair. i've heard others get quoted $800-$900.

    apple, needs to man up to the issue.
  • Jason Kulas Level 3 Level 3
    It seems like everyone is talking about this more in the other thread "Colored vertical lines on PB 17" display" and I've put some recent replies, tips, & ideas in there, and you're welcome to email me if you want more (I'm never sure what stuff is allowed to stay in the forums versus what gets removed by moderators). My email address can be gotten off my profile.
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