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  • LowAndSlow Level 1 (0 points)

    After discovering that my custom Quartz filters had disappeared, I found I had lots of company.  I'm happy to report that your filters showed up in Preview this morning.  How or why, I don't know, but I'm grateful.

  • arturo140584 Level 1 (0 points)

    Simply great!! Merci beaucoup!!! It works perfectly

  • lightbulbaz Level 1 (0 points)

    Much like the post made by simon1lee1, my documents actually increase in size using the built in function of "reduce" and the external filters I found in the discussion.  Do you have any tips on situations of this nature as the Apple Gemius Bar representative I posed the question to was not familiar with this function.


    (Running on Snow Leopard)

  • Jerome Colas Level 2 (220 points)

    The filters still work in Snow Leopard and Lion (Juste use "Export" instead of "Save as", and it seems the filters have to be in the /Library/Filters, folder, not the user-specific ~/Library/Filters aka. /Users/yourusername/Library/Filters folder)


    ... but the address of the MobileMe public folders changed without notice (Grrrrr).

    So here is the correct NEW address to my MobileMe public folder, where you will find the filters:



    And since MobileMe is supposed to shut down June 30, 2012, this dropbox link will probaly last longer:



    Fell free to copy, host, modify and distribute in any way you like. I do not even care about having my name mentioned.

  • Jerome Colas Level 2 (220 points)

    Hi Roy.

    I just saw your post.


    Sorry for the delay.

    I had no idea this thread was still active!


    For no reason I understand, the link to my public iDisk did not work anymore.
    Well I do now. It is a formatting issue in the "new" (Apple discussions site), that put a * at the end of the address. remove it and it will work.


    Here is the new "official" one until end of June 2012, when MobileMe will be End Of Lifed:


    For no apparent reason reason teh "old" link workks again after I accesed my MobileMe account ...


    I also made a post with this address, a Dropbox one and the correct place to put the filters, later in this thread (I do not know how to link to a particular post)


    Hope this helped.


    have a nice day,



  • Momemor Level 1 (0 points)

    This is so useful, thank you.

  • DeSamster Level 1 (0 points)

    Many thanks for your work and explanation!

  • r3n3 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Jérome


    Thanks a million. It works perfectly fine, is free, is simple to use - just the best.

    I was looking into a number of solutions but none was satisfying.



  • conary Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you Jerome for sharing these filters! I am running Lion and they solved my problem. I tried finding a decent app in the app store that would do this, but couldn't find anything suitable going by the comments - and I didn't feel like spending a lot of money on something that might or might not work. Your filters did exactly what I needed - reduced an 12 MB PDF down to 1.2 MB in decent enough quality. Thank you so much!!!

  • hotwheels 22 Level 1 (0 points)

    hi guys.


    someone really has to make sure there is documentation that comes with these filters that explains that professionally prepared PDF's with images will be *TRASHED* when using these filters. my understanding this has to do with any PDF that used CMYK compression but the net result is that if you use these filters on certain PDF's you will totally trash your imagery.


    it is going to be a real drag for the handful of folks that thrash through their pdf' - thinking they were only downsampling them - only to find out that they may have destroyed otherwise irreplaceable data...



  • Jerome Colas Level 2 (220 points)

    Hotwheels, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Can you please explain how you get your PDFs "TRASHED", as long as you use the "Save as" command (or "Export" in Lion) as indicated?


    Thanks in advance.


  • hotwheels 22 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Jerome.


    Thanks. I also spent a lot of time trying to troubleshoot this as a returning mac user about two years ago only to find out my pdf's were just monstrously large and taking up large GB of space on my HD (I had to do this a lot out of Preview). For some reason there isn't this problem on windows.


    Anyway, I had a long conversation with a couple of very helpful folks on the thread awhile back (one was a professional graphics person as I remember) and - I thought it was on this thread that we went over how the CMYK PDF's get their images converted to all shades of green.


    Wasn't this on this thread for this set of filters? You'll have to forgive me as filters and automator were totally new to me when I had to start troubleshooting this issue awhile back but I thought this was addressed earlier in the thread have I got the wrong set of filters or the wrong thread?


    If so, apologies but there is one set out there that will do this if I am not mistaken.


    - Jon

  • hotwheels 22 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Jerome.


    I see here that the info posted was on another thread which I will have to find when I get the time but the info I had was:


    "The word on the CMYK issue is that this is a bug in Preview and that it will trash your images (turn them green) for any file size reduction routine run in Preview (including these filters). Seems like a bad bug."


    My guess here (it was awhile ago) is that any SaveAs out of Preview will do this...


    - Jon

  • Jerome Colas Level 2 (220 points)

    Hi Jon/Hotwheels.


    If I understand well, the target (Saved as or Exported) pdf can be corrupted, due to a bug in Preview.

    That is unfortunate but I do not think I can do a lot about this (I just did some simple scripting of Preview because 5 years ago I had no other way of reducing a PDF file's size in Leopard, as Acrobat did not work in Leopard). As a good practice, you should always check your target files before using them in any way, such as sending them to a client.

    My understanding is that the opened file is not modified (That is why Save As or Export is used).


    Reading your message about "TRASHED" images, I had the impression that the original files were corrupted.

    Can you plaese clarify whether only the target file is corrupted, or if the source file is corrupted too, using the prescribed and documented Save As / Export command ?


    Can you also please explain which kind of documentation should be added (I would like to help but do not yet understand what you mean)?


    Thanks in advance,



  • hotwheels 22 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Jerome.


    Thanks for the reply. This issue in mac is a real major issue so it is great to have work such as you have provided.


    I am really not an expert in this and apologies if this is not pertinent. But at the same time I am not understanding your point about SaveAs or Export. I mean, I presume you are saying that one needs to always keep a copy of the original file is that right? If so, I just don't think that is realistic for tools such as this.


    For instance, in my case I was using these filters because my PDF's were taking up hundreds of GB on my computer's Hard Drive. I can't keep a copy of 10 - 100 MB PDF's when the whole point of using the filters is to get them down to something that is real world manageable. I agree that this is a mac issue (I am on snow leopard) but I can't spend three weeks troubleshooting /why/ these PDF's are ridiculously large - I just have to find the time at some point to reduce them all so they are not taking up so much space. I will be doing this in a bulk operation and it is prohibitive to downsample one, open it, review it, downsample another, open it, review it, etc.


    You follow?


    Anyway, I can look into this further but to the best of my knowledge if you use your filters to downsample a pdf, and there are a specific set of aspect to THAT pdf, you will have trashed the imagery (it turns green) in the PDF.


    I understand your point about keeping an original and I understand (better now - thanks) that this may not be an issue that is specific to these filters (anyway, this is hard for me to determine since all I know is that it /did/ trash one of my pdf's as I was trying to bulk downsize and I had to stop...). Anyway, all of this is rather hectic as this thread indicates because this is not in my normal workflow and I /still/ have not had time to return to a point to get my PDF's down to manageable, real world sizes. All I am trying to say is that folks need to be careful when using this methodology (your filters, openening and re-saving PDF's) because there is a danger you will lose your imagery in the pdf.


    I can try and find another thread with more info but in addition to the CMYK reference there was this one about certain kinds of TIFFS. And again, this only happened to me on PROFESSIONALLY PREPARED PDF's FWIW:


    "I think I've seen it mentioned a few years ago that CMYK & inclusion of some "brands" of TIFFs being the cause."


    - Jon

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