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I just spent a week at my mother's home. I was able to receive email, but could not send. I read the at&t support that says to use cwmx.com. But I have NO idea how to go about doing this. I won't be needing it for another 10 days so I hope that by then someone can explain the steps I need to go through to make this happen

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • Ansuz82 Level 6 (8,265 points)
    Go to Settings > Mail > Name of your account.

    Change the outgoing mail server to this:

    Host Name: cwmx.com
    User name: "leave blank"
    Password: "leave blank"

    That should do it.
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    If your email account provider has an authenticated SMTP server, this would more than likely resolve it and allow for sending messages with this account regardless which ISP you are connected with.

    Gmail has an authenticated SMTP server and I believe you can use Gmail's authenticated SMTP server to send messages with another non-Gmail email account.
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    OK, I don't know what you said!
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    Can I do this by creating a second account or do I have to change it when I get out of reach?
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    Who is the email account provider for your email account?
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    Time Warner Cable, roadrunner
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    Time Warner does not have an authenticated SMTP server but they should.

    You can try using 587 for the SMTP server port instead of 25 which is the default but if this doesn't work, get a Gmail account (you shouldn't need to access the Gmail account on your iPhone unless you want to) and then enter and use Gmail's authenticated server for your RR account to send messages with the account on the iPhone. This is invisible to all recipients.
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    You seem to have a very good understanding of outgoing email servers. I used Road Runner here in Columbus. I understand that I can't send mail using its outgoing SMTP servers when I'm not on their network, eg, on my home computer.

    I've tried adding the .587 port name after teh outgoing server string w/ no luck. I have also turned off the email account syncing too.

    But I'm intrigued by the gmail solution. Getting a gmail account and then using it to send Road Runner outgoing mail. Is that right? I'm not sure what you mean about how to do that. Would you mind explaining this to me a bit more please? Do I just create a gmail account so that I can get the use of it's outgoing SMTP server? And when I have that info, I should enter that into my outgoing SMTP settings on my iPhone for Road Runner outgoing mail? is that right?