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  • Scott Hampton Level 2 Level 2
    Now, that's forward thinking!

    There's an obvious concern for the well-being of the photographer on the part of Apple. As well as the photographer's reputation and future. I like that.

  • Gliese 581c Level 1 Level 1
    Re: Every time I think I will switch to Lightroom...

    I just wish iPhoto 08 had better metadata and file size control. It is a fantastic program - especially great when you also use iPhoto Library Manager! I'm a pro who shoots 1000's of JPEGS a week and rarely has the time or need to shoot RAW. I use iPhoto 08 and Photoshop for all my work because it has the best integration with other Apple Products and it is easy, straighforward to use and actually quite powerful. So until they update Aperture I'm stuck making some compromises. Lightroom doesn't work for me either. A lot of pros just went back to using Adobe Bridge to get the work out fast.
  • culcheth Level 1 Level 1
    As a point of fact, you have Adobe's design changes entirely the wrong way round. They started off with a managed system, "shoots", and a by reference system with some limitations (you could only move files around your folder system if they were managed). They listened to feedback along the lines of "if I'd wanted Aperture telling me where to stick my pictures then I'd have bought Aperture", and then abandoned the managed system and developed the reference system so the user can see the folder structure and it is not abstracted behind projects. But don't let the facts shake your belief in Apple!
  • Joe Schorr Level 1 Level 1
    As I'm sure many of you know, it's not Apple's policy to provide a public "ETA" on future releases, so I can't post anything like a timetable for when support for the newest RAW camera formats will become available.

    But I can tell you this. We at Apple are ACUTELY aware of the pressing need to get support for the newest round of camera into your hands as soon as possible. This is a top priority. We have members of our own team using these cameras, so you can imagine how interested we are in seeing this support integrated into the Mac OS and our photo applications!

    We fully intent to give our customers what they need in this regard.


    Joe Schorr
    Sr. Product Line Manager, Photo Applications
  • tidysteve Level 4 Level 4
    thanks Joe!

    Sr. Product Line Manager, Photo Applications

    another promotion i see ... congrats ... now get back to work ...
  • TechMark Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the response Joe. Congrats on the promotion.

    Now let's also hope that the Aperture team is just as ACUTELY aware of what would be very nice in an Aperture update and gets a new version into our hands quickly as well. Maybe PMA??

  • Iemke Kuijper Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your post. There is one thing I would like to bring to your attention. Its the combination of software and hardware which makes a winning team. Thats why certain consumers has choosen for the mac pro and its upgradebility and its backwards compatibility in combination with aperture. This means specific for aperture with its heavily usage of GPU, the capability of upgradebility to the latest apple supported videocard(nvidia 8800GT)
    for the whole mac pro family (2006, 2007 and 2008 models).
    I think this is an important message which has been send out in the different photographic fora.
    Please convey and support this plea to the senior product managers of the mac pro.

  • Andreas Yankopolus Level 2 Level 2

    Have you seen this article?


  • Level 6 Level 6
    I appreciate you reading these and responding. I have a very fair question that I'm sure others are wondering about as well. There are current cameras not supported and we're waiting a long time for that RAW support. This has happened in the past too. You said you are "ACUTELY" working on this issue. Is this going to be the pattern for the future? As a photographer, I will usually upgrade my camera when a new one comes out to improve my picture-taking performance and quality. But if I cannot rely on Apple to produce that RAW support, at least quicker than your current record, I can't see using that product. Sure I prefer Aperture, but I have too much post processing to do and too many images to manage to play the switch-my-software game every time I improve my camera equipment.

    I know Apple knew about the new Nikons. The announcement was last August (when I heard it). I don't know the ins and outs of developing support for cameras, but it would seem that if you were acutely working on this, that it would have been done already.

    You have a lot of people wanting to switch to another workflow. Some are just ranting, but many are really moving on. Without revealing anything specific about future products or updates, can you at least tell us on the Apple/Aperture webpage that something is coming? Even a "Cameras yet to be supported....." type of note. That will at least motivate us to "hang on." With NO communication at all about anything, people abandon ship. And also, why so slow with this support?
  • Tom Aellis Level 2 Level 2
    That's a very interesting question that Jerry has.
    Apple just announced a slew of new h/w product and some of them (if not all) won't be available until February, so why can't they do that will aperture or other s/w products? Wait, they have, iLife, iWork etc.,

    Now that I am using another workflow I have to wonder because I am still own Apertue (which I'm not happy about the $299).

    I'm curious about the upgrade price when 2.0 is released. What I do know is that the timing of this has to be perfect. If the other guys announce first, Apple will never get their lost base back nor their potential new customers.

    I do miss their folderstructure and most of all their smart folders but it's just one more step with the other guys.
  • Tatry Level 1 Level 1
    I would also add continuing dissatisfaction. My post has been removed as touched Apple policy but problem remain. For sure I am one of many who like workflow . But switch to other is not only matter of 299 USD as Tom mentioned ( I payed 700 USD here in Europe... discount offered I do not get) but there is also HW investment due and only for Aperture demand. Following rework of all dbf. Announced "hard working" is too late
    and it is right - there goes about loyalty.
    Since January everyday I am looking at Apple site if something happening. For sure I have downloaded LR...
    Nearly same statement are pointed at Aperture professional site.
    So really how long it takes ?
  • AMRosario Level 2 Level 2
    but if your client's signed off on an image and you can't deliver that image, there are problems.

    The simple solution to this is just make sure that you keep the original TIFF file that you sent the client, since that is what you most likely sent them in the first place.

  • Tom Aellis Level 2 Level 2
    $700 ???? Holy cow! I'm sorry to hear that.
    Apple's policy is they won't even give us a hint.
    While you and I could feel it may be right around the corner,
    it may be six months or more.

    Look, I LOVE apple and most of it's product. I own everything from the MacPro 3.ghz I just invested 4,000 USD in, FOR APERTURE, 30" monitor, iPhones and tons of their software.... but now I'm glad I just took a 299 hit. The other product works like it should on this platform as well. not a single hiccup.

    Apple is a fine company, but they really need to adjust this policy if they want to keep people from jumping ship.
  • David Schloss Level 1 Level 1
    Apple is a fine company, but they really need to adjust this policy if they want to keep people from jumping ship.<<</div>

    Could someone please point me to the Adobe page where they list their roadmap for their Lightroom 2.0, including shipping dates?

    Why should Apple adopt a policy of providing pre-release information for their customers to keep from loosing users to a company that doesn't provide pre-release information for their customers?
  • Tom Aellis Level 2 Level 2
    I'm not sure anyone's asked that David. I'll look for it tho...
    It's never really been need it, the product manager has his own blog, blessing of adobe, where constant back and forth ideas flow and they've taken great pain to let the users know, they've listened. I mean great length.
    Maybe I can find the videos the Product manager does himself.
    You can def. do a google and see the interview of how he explains the simple poor Joe like you or I had a huge input into the product and then goes onto explain how.
    It would not be in good taste to post the links here but you can find the gents' name, blog (VERY COOL blog by the way) and interviews quite easy.

    Good question daved, the product works pretty darn good now
    so no one is up in arms and really inquired.